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ASU Prep Academy: Venture Capstone Projects: Why Research is Important

This is a guide for the ASU Prep Academy at the Poly campus

Why Is Doing Research Important?

Research may affect:  

  • The successful development of a product

  • The safety of workers in a factory

  • A better method for teaching

Before you finish school, research can help you:

  • Decide on a career path

  • Build a knowledge base that you can use for your college career and beyond

  • Expose you to other points of view

Good research:

  • Builds confidence in your abilities to discover new information

  • Creates an academic reputation that will serve you in college and beyond

  • Leads to better grades

Reasons for Using Library Resources

  • You need to write a paper

  • You need to find out how something works

  • You need some background information before you can start your project

  • Most authoritative sources are not freely available on the web.

  • Using authoritative sources in your classwork will help you get good grades.


Remember: Your work is a reflection of you.


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