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Africa and Europe: Home

A Guide to the History,Culture and Interactions of these two Continents
Subjects: History

Oetting Subject Guides


African and African-American Studies by Ed Oetting
This Library Guide primarily consists of resources that will aid in research in African and African-American Studies in a variety of fields.


by Ed Oetting, Bee Gallegos - last updated on Aug 13th, 2010
History Resources covering North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Human Rights
by Ed Oetting, Brad Vogus, Lisa Kammerlocher - last updated on Aug 31st, 2010


Military Science & Security
by Ed Oetting, Brad Vogus - last updated on Jul 20th, 2010
Covers the fields of Military Science, Terrorism & Security Studies

Politics and Elections
by Ed Oetting, Lisa Kammerlocher - last updated on Feb 3rd, 2010
Library guide covering resources for Politics and Elections with an emphasis on the United States


Medieval and Renaissance Studies
by Rachel Leket-Mor - last updated on Aug 13th, 2010
Resources covering Medieval and Rennaissance Studies

 Political Science
by Ed Oetting - last updated on Mar 11th, 2010
Resources for Political Science and Politics

 Primary Sources
by Ed Oetting - last updated on Aug 13th, 2010
This guide will provide access and links to the substantial and ever-growing wealth of primary sources available through ASU Libraries or freely-accessible through the Internet


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