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COM 309 - Rhetorical, Interpretive, and Critical Methods in Communication: Rhetorical, Interpretive, and Critical Methods in Communication

Course page for COM 309
Subjects: Communication

Communication LibGuide

For detailed information on Communication resources in ASU Library see the Communication Libguide at:  libguides.asu.edu/Communication

Searching in Specific Journals

For this course you will need to search for articles within specific scholarly journals.  (See list of journals at bottom of this page.)  There are several ways to do this.

Limiting to Journal Title Within a Search

Within most databases, and specifically in Communication & Mass Media Complete, PsychInfo, and Sociological Abstracts, you can limit your search results to articles from within a specific publication.

Use the Advanced Search function of these indexes to search within a specific journal.  Here are some screen shots of how this kind of search looks.

Advanced Search in Communication & Mass Media Complete - EBSCO databases

C&MMC Advanced Search

Note that the pull-down menu limit is "SO Publication Name"   SO means  Source

Advanced Search in Sociological Abstracts  -  Proquest Databases

ProQuest Advanced Search

Note that the pull-down menu limit is  "Publication title - PUB"

Search Within a Specific Journal

You can verify that a specific journal is available electronically, then connect to that journal, and search within it.

To determine if a specific journal is available in e-format, use the Journal Title Lookup in Library OneSearch:

Journal Title Lookup

Journal Title Lookup

Be sure to click on the button for "Find Journal"

If the journal is available electronically you will see a list of databases or other tools that allow you to search within the journal.  Usually these will automatically go to adcanced search, and limit the results to that journal.

Journal Title Lookup Results

Journal Title Lookup Results

Some of the options displayed may be to publisher or other archives that list each issue of the journal or offers an option to search within the journal.IF the Journal Title Lookup displays an option for EBSCOhost EJS you are able to connect directly to an archive of the journal and search within it.

EBSCOhost EJS search

Searching or Browse in a Journal Archive

Be aware that Archive search functions do not offer the detail or flexibility of searching within a database.  This approach will not allow using Subject terms to narrow your search or to find related/similar articles.

This is, however, a simple way to browse through issues of a journal.

Journals for COM 309, Summer 2012

Communication, Culture, and Critique
Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies
Critical Studies in Media Communication
Crime, Media, Culture
Cultural Studies
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
Quarterly Journal of Speech
Rhetoric and Public Affairs
Text and Performance Quarterly
Western Journal of Communication

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