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SOC 421 -- Education and Society: About SOC 421 Guide

Subjects: Education, Sociology
Tags: schools

Purpose of this Guide

This Guide is designed for SOC 421 -- Education and Society. These are the recommended sources to find the information required for your two written projects.  There are rarely scholarly articles that cover exactly all the points you need to include in your paper. The written assignments require you to gather data and scholarly articles that support what you propose should be done. To ensure a more complete understanding of how to do research, you will be required to complete a tutorial  and mail the certificate to your Professor.

How To Get Help

Finding Background Information

Encyclopedias are great places to get background information on a topic. For this class, background on the US educational system may be useful. Each state has a slightly different history of how the school districts came to be the way they are.

Here is a list of education encyclopedias that may be useful: http://library.lib.asu.edu/search~S3/X?SEARCH=(encyclopedia%20education)&SORT=D&b=ol

This list is for encyclopedias of sociology: http://library.lib.asu.edu/search~S3/X?SEARCH=(encyclopedia%20sociology)&SORT=D&b=ol

Each of these are online, because the other encyclopedias we have in paper format won't help if you don't live in the Metro Phoenix area.

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