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ASU Dissertations and Theses: Academic Program

The ASU Library has a copy for most of the disserations and theses written by ASU graduate and honors students. This guide explains how to determine what is available and how to get a copy.


Rather than using the department or academic unit name, the records in the Catalog, the Repository and in ProQuest have the academic areas or program names, instead.   Additionally, not every record in the databases have the program name (or academic unit), so getting a complete list, even when using all the recommended search strategies in all the databases, may not be possible when searching by this criteria.    


Academic Programs: ASU Library Catalog

ASU Library's Catalog 
The Catalog can pull up almost all of the dissertations and theses prior to Fall 2010 if you search by the appropriate program name. From Fall 2010 to the present, most dissertation/theses records contain program information however a small number may not.  Because adding the program information is the last step in a long process, recent dissertations/theses records are the ones most likely to be missing this information and therefore not show up in search results.   Honors theses are covered through 2005 only.

Search Strategy #1: 
Although the term "dissertations" is used in the catalog search, you will retrieve masters and honors theses in addition to doctoral dissertations.

  • Select Keyword search
  • In the search box enter:  dissertations asu PROGRAM
    • dissertations asu biology
    • dissertations asu chemistry
    • dissertations asu curriculum and instruction
    • dissertations asu mechanical engineering
    • dissertations asu psychology
    • dissertations asu religious studies

Search Strategy #2:
The documents from the Fall 2010 to the present that are missing from the search results in Strategy #1 do not have an ASU program name attached to the record.  They do have ProQuest subject headings, so it may be useful to do the same search strategy but use the closest ProQuest heading to the ASU program name instead.

For example:  

dissertations asu higher education  

rather than    

dissertations asu higher and postsecondary education

There will be a fair amount of overlap if you do both of these search strategies but each search will retrieve items that other can't.  

Academic Programs: Dissertations and Theses @ ASU

Dissertations and Theses @ ASU 

It appears that the "Department Name" in the ProQuest records are actual the ASU program name.  As with the Catalog, some records do not contain any department or program information.    Also, prior to Fall 2010, very few Masters Theses are in this database and there are no Honors theses. 

Search Strategy #1: 

  • Put the name of the program in the first box on the first line and change the box to the right from "Anywhere" to "Department-DEP"

Search Strategy #2: 

  • Put the ProQuest subject heading that is the closest to the program name in the first search box and change the box to right from "Anywhere" to "Subject Heading (all)-SU"

There will be a fair amount of overlap if you do both of these search strategies but each search will retrieve items that other can't. 

Academic Programs: ASU Digital Repository

ASU Electronic Dissertations andTheses

The degree level (doctoral, masters) and the program name are in the Notes field for the records.  This database has all the dissertations and theses from Fall 2011 to the present and a selected few from the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters.  There are no Honors Theses in this database.

Search Strategy:

In the search box put the degree's abbreviation plus the program name; this information must be within quotes and all punctuation must be exact.


  • "Ed.D. Educational Administration and Supervision"
  • "M.F.A. Dance"
  • "M.S. Chemistry"
  • "Ph.D. Communications"

Barrett, the Honor's College, Thesis and Creative Project Collection

In this database, the Subject field may contain the academic unit name, a program name or subjects.   Once in the collection, expand the "Subject" category in the left-hand column and select from the list.  This database only contains Honors theses from Fall 2012 to the present; full text of the theses are only available for online viewing by ASU faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students (sign in in the up-right corner of the screen to enable the full text icon). 

Academic Programs: Barrett Honors College Records

Barrett maintains an Excel file of their theses; the file contains the year, title, author, thesis advisor and department/discipline.  This Excel file is the only place where honors theses from 2006 through Spring 2012 can be identified.  Barrett maintains a print collection that includes a copy of the theses from this time period.  Once you have identified a specific thesis,  please either email the College at thesis@asu.edu or use their Contact Barrett  form to check on availability.

Need More Help?

View the policies and procedures for submitting your dissertation/thesis at the Graduate College's site for"Completing Your Degree; in particular, look under Graduation Procedures, Step 5: Submit Dissertation/Thesis to UMI/ProQuest

​Information about the electronic dissertations and theses in the ASU Digital Repository, including open access issues, embargoes and copyright is available at ASU Digital Repository: Electronic Theses and Dissertations

To determine if a specific ASU dissertation or thesis is available in the ASU Digital Repository, the Proquest Dissertation/Thesis database, or available in print in the ASU Library, contact


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