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BIO 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab: BIO 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab

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Primary vs Secondary Articles

Tutorial on Primary Research Articles - If you are unclear about exactly what a primary (also known as Empirical) article is, view this tutorial.

Tutorial on Peer-Reviewed Journals - Learn the characteristics of Peer-Reviewed or Refereed journals.

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Citations acknowledge the work of other researchers and allow others to locate the original work. There are a variety of citation styles and APA is a common one for the science.


Skeletons and anatomy models on campus

Tempe Campus

What: Skeleton

Location: LSC-102 - The School of Life Sciences Learning Resource Center (LRC) located in the Life Sciences C-wing

Downtown Phoenix Campus

What: Skeleton

Location: Student Center at Downtown Phoenix located in the U. S. Post Office.

Polytechnic Campus

What: Bones & assorted anatomy models

Location: Polytechnic Campus Library located in the Academic Center.

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