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ASU Digital Repository
by Matt Harp, Anali Perry - Last Updated Jan 9, 2015
Resources for using and contributing to the ASU Digital Repository
ASU Dissertations and Theses
by Linda Shackle - Last Updated Aug 20, 2014
The ASU Libraries have a copy for most of the disserations and theses written by ASU graduate and honors students. This guide explains how to determine what is available and how to get a copy.
BIS Organizational Studies
by Lydia LaFaro - Last Updated Feb 20, 2015
Guide to research resources for the BIS Organizational Studies program
Career Research (IAS 300-Adult Career Development)
by Dennis Isbell - Last Updated Jan 13, 2014
A guide for finding information about careers.
Citation Management Tools
by Rachel Leket-Mor, Qian Liu, Rene Tanner - Last Updated Sep 12, 2014
This guide includes information about citation management tools, or applications used to organize your references, generate bibliographies, and collaborate with others.
Citation Research
by Lydia LaFaro, Linda Shackle - Last Updated Oct 28, 2014
How to find citation counts for your publications and how to find journal rankings such as impact factors.
Citation Styles
by Bee Gallegos - Last Updated Nov 26, 2014
by Anali Perry - Last Updated Feb 9, 2015
eBooks: Downloadable eBooks
by Sydni Abrahamsen, Libby Anderson, Joe Buenker - Last Updated Feb 26, 2014
This guide contains instructions for those of our licensed ebook packages which allow for downloading of eBooks to personal eReaders .
Faculty Research Support
by Deborah Abston, Mimmo Bonanni, Sam Dyal, Rachel Leket-Mor - Last Updated Jan 13, 2015
A guide to research resources and library services for new and established ASU faculty.
Getting Published
by Anali Perry - Last Updated Feb 17, 2015
Graduate Students Guide
by Deborah Abston, Mimmo Bonanni, Sam Dyal, Rachel Leket-Mor - Last Updated Jan 13, 2015
An introduction to research resources and library services for ASU graduate students
Library Orientation
by Marc Mason, Julie Tharp - Last Updated Jul 17, 2014
Introduction to the ASU Libraries: resources, services and study spaces
Library Research Made Easy
by Marc Mason, Julie Tharp, Ellen Welty - Last Updated Sep 16, 2014
Some tips for doing effective library research
Library Terminology
by Bee Gallegos - Last Updated Aug 7, 2014
Linking to Library Resources
by Joe Buenker - Last Updated May 9, 2014
Documents how to prepare durable or persistent hyperlinks to online resources licensed by the ASU Libraries.
MAS 502, Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Studies
by Dennis Isbell - Last Updated Dec 16, 2013
A guide for interdisciplinary research.
Open Access
by Alexandra Humphreys - Last Updated Feb 19, 2015
Free resources for unrestricted use
by Linda Shackle - Last Updated Feb 11, 2015
A guide to help ASU students find patent information including what is a patent, the different sections of a patent, how to do a prior art search, where to find statistics and other sources of patent information.
PICO Across Disciplines: Formulating a Research Question
by Sheila Hofstetter, Ellen Welty - Last Updated Feb 20, 2013
Using the PICO model, learn how to develop a search strategy for research in your specific descipline.
Resources for ASU Online Students
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Jan 27, 2015
A guide to using ASU Libraries for online students.
Scholarly Communication
by Anali Perry - Last Updated Feb 4, 2015
A guide to issues in scholarly communication, including publishing, open access, copyright, author rights, and digital archiving.
by Linda Shackle - Last Updated Jan 14, 2013
A guide to finding information on trademarks such as fees, forms, terms and searching techniques for both U.S. and International trademarks.