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Applied Science in Health Sciences Online Degree
by Sheila Hofstetter - Last Updated Aug 17, 2012
A Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences degree is for those students who have completed an AA or AAS degree in a health-related discipline. The degree includes 3 areas: Healthy Lifestyle Coaching; Health Policy; and Pre-Professional.
Exercise and Wellness
by Sheila Hofstetter, Alexandra Humphreys, Kevin Pardon - Last Updated Aug 27, 2014
A guide to research and resources in health promotion, healthy lifestyles, wellness, and sport science.
Health at ASU
by Sheila Hofstetter, Jenny Mueller-Alexander, Kevin Pardon - Last Updated Aug 14, 2014
Resources & Tools for: Behavioral Health, Biomedical Informatics, Evidence Based Practice, Exercise & Wellness, Global Health, Health Care Delivery, Healthcare, Health Innovation, Health Professional, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Nursing, Nutrition
by Kevin Pardon - Last Updated Nov 4, 2014
Guide for library resources in the Nursing field
by Sheila Hofstetter, Kevin Pardon, Ellen Welty - Last Updated Sep 3, 2014
A guide for finding quality information on food science and nutrition.