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Providing free, online access to ASU scholarship encourages transdisciplinary collaboration and engages global scholars and researchers.

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ASU Digital Repository

ASU Library's Digital Repository Services team collects, shares and preserves the cultural, historical and scholarly story of our ASU community, and advances research, teaching and learning by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and the discovery of new knowledge. ASU Library preserves and provides access to those materials today and for generations to come.


Materials in the ASU Digital Repository are organized by collections, which can be named for individuals, groups, projects or subjects  (e.g., ASU Sheet Music Collection).

What goes in the repository? 

The ASU Digital Repository includes published or unpublished articles, books, papers, conference presentations, images, creative works and research materials. For more detailed information, read our Collection Policy.

Who can access the repository? 

Anyone in the world can find materials in the ASU Digital Repository using internet search engines or the ASU Library Catalog.

Who can create a collection? 

  • An individual to showcase their own scholarship.
  • A project team to highlight a body of work, presentation or interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • An ASU department, institute, or college representative.
  • Faculty members, researchers and students promote the global visibility and intellectual contribution of their work by depositing materials.

Benefits of a Collection

  • Permanently store all your scholarship in one place.
  • Easily share your work using persistent links.
  • You control what materials are in your collection and who can contribute to the collection.
  • ASU Library preserves and provides long-term access to your work.
  • ASU Library shares information (metadata) about your collection in the ASU Library Catalog and on the World Wide Web to facilitate discovery and reuse.

Get Help

Need assistance or additional information? Email us at digitalrepository@asu.edu. We're here to help!

Digital Repository Services

The ASU Library's Digital Repository Services team provides a variety of services about managing digital collections. Contact us for assistance.

  • Digital preservation.
  • Digitization.
  • Depositing your work in the repository.
  • Intellectual property and copyright.
  • Metadata administration.
  • Research data management.

Digital Repository Services Team

Matt Ogborn, Metadata Librarian
Matthew Harp, Digital Projects Librarian
Susan Barrett, Director
Wes Edens, Digital Services Librarian

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