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International Business Etiquette: Home

Guide to sources of information on the communication and behavioral norms encountered in business in various countries.

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International Business Etiquette

These are selected sources located at the Library or available online that can provide information on communication and behavioral differences between cultures in a business environment. The sources have been arranged geographically by the categories below.

Tip: For information on a country, check sources in the worldwide section as well as in the appropriate regional section.

Using the Guide: 

  1. Find Cultural Overviews - The sources listed in the guide have been arranged geographically and mostly represent concise summaries of the major characteristics of the business culture in each country.  To find information for a country, check sources in the Worldwide section as well as the appropriate regional section. The information covered varies from source to source, so it is worthwhile looking at several different ones.    
  2. Compare Cultures - A useful tool for highlighting the cultural differences between two countries is Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions listed in the Worldwide sources section.  Follow the link to the Hofstede website and select a country to see how it scores on Hofstede's five cultural dimensions (Power Distance Index,  Individualism,  Masculinity,  Uncertainty Avoidance Index, and Long-Term Orientation) as defined on the Dimensions page. Then select a second country or even a third country to compare it with.  
  3. More Resources - For more in-depth analysis and discussion of a country's business culture and intercultural management challenges, look for books and articles following the instructions in the Further Research section.

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