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Organizational Leadership: Introduction

Guide to research resources for the Organizational Leadership program

Other Curriculum-Related Guides

The Organizational Leadership program requires courses in some other related fields. Here are the research guides recommended for identifying library resources which are useful for those courses.

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Organizational Leadership students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to assume leadership roles in organizations across industries, of all types and sizes.  Coursework focuses on content areas such as characteristics of effective leadership, innovation, strategic change, project management, organizational assessment, communication, problem solving, and team dynamics.

Disciplines as diverse as psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and management have contributed to the methodologies, theoretical models, and best practices in the field of organizational leadership. This guide identifies useful resources from various disciplines for students researching topics in Organizational Leadership.


Information Sources
Organizes recommended research sources into the following types of information from which you may select. (Go to the main INFORMATION SOURCES page for ideas on finding books and to see the content descriptions of the Information Sources subpages.)

Course Resources 
Links to Organizational Leadership program information, useful resources and tools, and library guides for completing specific course assignments.

Citing Sources
Links to guides and tools for citing research sources and creating bibliographies.

Leads to general instructional material on using the library as well as tutorials on using specific databases.

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