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Arizona State University - History
by Lisa Kammerlocher, Rob Spindler - Last Updated Apr 5, 2013
This LibGuide lists resources to use when research the history of Arizona State University and its various campuses.
Tags: arizona_state_university, asu-history, downtown_phoenix_campus, polytechnic_campus, tempe_campus, west_campus
by deg farrelly, Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Sep 19, 2013
Key research resources to support Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and Communication Studies on ASU's West campus
by Lisa Kammerlocher, Rene Tanner - Last Updated Jan 13, 2014
This guide is designed to support student research in the Forensics program at Arizona State University.
Tags: forensics forensic_science
Globalization - Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Oct 12, 2012
This guide will provide access to materials on interdisciplinary issues of globalization. Also look here for links to course web pages for Global Cities and Migration.
Tags: alternative_energy, global_cities, globalization, human_trafficking, migration, political_economy, sex_trafficking, trafficking, transnational
PGS 486: Psychology and the Law
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Aug 15, 2014
Tags: law, pgs486, psychology
Politics and Elections
by Lisa Kammerlocher, Ed Oetting, Dan Stanton - Last Updated Jul 2, 2014
Library guide covering resources for Politics and Elections with an emphasis on the United States
POS 446: Democracy
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Aug 15, 2014
PSY 290 Research Methods in Psychology
by Lisa Kammerlocher, JoAnn Mulvihill - Last Updated Aug 28, 2014
This guide highlight key resources needed to complete assignments in PSY290 course across ASU, including online. Learn how to find peer-reviewed journal articles, cite materials using APA Style and more.
Tags: psy290, psy_290, psychology, research_methods
Psychology Online
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Aug 22, 2014
This guide has specifically been developed to support the Online Psychology program in the New College of Arizona State University.
Tags: psychology psychology_online
Resources for ASU Online Students
by Lisa Kammerlocher, Virginia Pannabecker - Last Updated Mar 6, 2014
A guide to using ASU Libraries for online students.
Tags: e-books, e-journals, online programs, tutorials, video
SBS 460 / ASB 442 Global Cities
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Feb 6, 2013
This guide is intended to support the research activities of students in Dr. Koptiuch's Global Cities course.
Tags: global_cities, koptiuch
Second Life
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Feb 6, 2013
A researcher's guide to the online virtual world of Second Life
SOC 241 Modern Social Problems
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Aug 25, 2014
Find instructions for locating newspaper articles (public attention data) on "poverty industry" topics in this guide.
Tags: public_attention_cycle poverty_industry soc241 soc_241 modern_social_problems
SOC499 Dr. Mueller's Research Group
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Jul 17, 2013
This page is for students in Dr. Mueller's Researcher Group.
Social and Behavioral Sciences
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated Aug 15, 2014
Use this guide to navigate your way through the world of information in the interdisciplinary social and behavioral sciences.
Tags: political_science, psychology, sbs, social_and_behavioral_sciences, social_sciences, sociology
Social Justice and Human Rights
by Lisa Kammerlocher - Last Updated May 19, 2014
This guide is designed to support students in the Social Justice and Human Rights Master's Degree program. It includes resources for research both local and global issues.
Tags: globalization, human_rights, immigration, international_law, social_justice, statistics, trafficking, transnational