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SOC 241 Modern Social Problems: Home

Find instructions for locating newspaper articles (public attention data) on "poverty industry" topics in this guide.


This is a course guide for SOC 241: Modern Social Problems. This guide will walk you through finding research and articles for your assignments.

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Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Social Problems Claims-makers

In the first paper, you will first identify a social problem that you want to research all semester and, then, identify who the key claims-makers are that are trying to bring this problem to public attention.

I. Research guidelines:

Identifying your social problem or claim

The first thing to consider is the dimensions of the problem. How big is it? Who is affected by it? How serious is it? 


Who are the claim makers for your social problem?

Who (other than yourself) is trying to make this condition into a social problem. Who is working to make this condition into a public concern or social problem? What kinds of resources do the relevant organizations have in terms of members, money, prestige or innovative tactics for gaining public attention?


Visit the Assignments tab for more help brainstorming, lists of current hot topics, where to find news articles, and more.

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