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Wars of the Twentieth Century - A History Guide

Concentrating on the global conflicts of the Twentieth Century with particular emphasis on World War II

About This Guide


Welcome to Wars of the Twentieth Century - A History Guide. The best way to navigate through through this site is by using the tabs at the side of each page. Following is a brief explanation as to how each section is organized and what it contains.

Article Databases Consists of databases that index and in some cases provide full text access to  literature or to resources that will aid in research. With few exceptions, these databases are accessible off-campus only to the current ASU community (students, faculty and staff).

Primary Sources  Divided into two main categories: resources available through ASU Library and sites freely available on the Internet.  The Primary Sources page concludes with a section on how to cite and evaluate primary sources on the Internet.

Citing Sources Collected here are several links for sites relating to citation manual sources.

Governmental Resources  This page contains databases and resources from various governments, governmental agencies and governmental organizations covering issues in defense, security and terrorism.

Hours and Locations