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Banned Books

The Great Banned Book Scavenger Hunt of 2017

At some of the ASU libraries there are unique 2017 ASU Banned Book Trading Cards hidden within banned books that have been tagged with a yellow book binding.  Each card corresponds to a book that was recently banned or challenged and has interesting information about why and where it was banned.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out what books have been banned or challenged by interacting with your libraries book display or this libguide, and look up those books in the ASU Library Catalog.



You may use the lists below to help identify a banned or challenged book.

  1. Use the Library One Search to locate the book in any one of the ASU Libraries. 
  2. Use the call number to locate the book in the stacks
  3. Once you have found a banned book you may either take the book and card to the front desk of any ASU library to borrow it, OR snap a selfie with the book and post it to social media using #bannedbooksweek @asulibraries

Note: If you do not find the card it either may have shifted or was retrieved by someone else.  Try your luck with a different title, or bring an unmarked banned book to the information desk in exchange for the trading card and much praise. 


Lists to use for this activity:

Top Ten Challenged Books of 2016

2015-16 Books Challenged and/or Banned

Banned Books Libguide:



Completing this activity will reward you with the most amazing, priceless prizes such as:

  • Friends will think you are really smart and cool (more than they already do, which is a lot)
  • Librarians will look upon you favorably (this perk can be of great benefit to you for your entire tenure at ASU and may save you from an otherwise unknown or terrifying fate)
  • You will know a lot of interesting facts about censorship and banned books which will impress people at parties or someone on a date (this claim has been verified through rigorous double blind experiments and found to be valid)
  • You can borrow the book you find and read it and also carry it around as a status marker of a very cool, important, and smart person on campus (ties into prize #1 and perhaps the most prestigious prize because everyone knows reading is the coolest)


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