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The IHE Nexus Lab: A project of the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University, the Nexus Lab aimed at growing the digital humanities alongside interdisciplinary collaborations that bring together humanities, science, and technology. In addition to workshops, training, and programming, the Nexus Lab will coordinate research that brings together researchers at ASU around a common interest in data, computation, and simultaneous application of quantitative and qualitative methods.

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Introduction to Digital Humanities

What is Digital Humanities? This guide does not attempt to provide a definition, just scholarly resources to help you make up one and get involved. Try reading the blog post of Gerald R. Lucas, Defining Digital Humanities, if you care.

Scholarly communication in the Humanities has changed drastically with the advent of technology since personal computers were introduced in the 1980s. Not only is the dissemination of research now largely shared electronically – via online journals, e-books, blogs, academic social networks, and email exchange – but the research process itself is carried out with the help of a growing number of apps and tools.

This guide was put together for those interested in using projects associated with the Digital Humanities movement and for those who are attempting to create such projects. The guide is arranged by the following categories:

  • Scholarly Resources: Societies, organizations, blogs and information hubs for you to keep current.
  • Best Practices: Resources for creating projects involving Digital Humanities. 
  • Projects: Significant DH projects and databases worldwide.
  • DH @ ASU: Learn and get involved!

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