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EDP 313-Childhood and Adolescence

Research Assignments

Review of Research Literature

Select and read a research article on children and respond to the different sections.  These are the parts you find in an empirical article: introduction, methodology, results, conclusions. Your article may also have a literature review and discussion section.

When searching ERIC you will need to limit your search results to the document type: DT:  143 Reports: Research. More about searching and limiting results can be found under the Searching ERIC tab.

Signature Assignment: Research Reports

 The report covers one of the two domains of development: Physical and Cognitive, and require data collection, research, and analysis.

Three Domains
Physical: biological changes.
Cognitive: changes in thinking; reasoning, memory, etc.
Social-Emotional: emotions, self-concept, motivation, etc.

Option 1:

Observe and collect date per your assignment. Gather physical development and student data. Some data can be retrieved from the school or district website although demographic information is more difficult to find currently. Real estate websites often provide neighborhood demographics. Searching the name of the school along with the word neighborhood can result in good information.

Option 2:

Gather physical development and student data using suggestions above. Search ERIC or Education Full-Text for2  scholarly articles on some aspect of development or find a book or website.

Reviews should include: References in APA format, authors, purpose or hypothesis, brief description of methods, subjects, and results or conclusions.

Find two articles or books on an aspect of physical development you are interested in or want to know more about. Possibilities for topics include, gender, physical abilities, high risk behaviours, sexuality.   


Find two articles or books on an aspect of cognitive development. Possibilities for topics include intellectual abilities, creativity, problem solving, content abilities (math, art, science), etc.

In each paper, complete the report with a section on what typical development a teacher should expect from students in the grade level of your placement. Provide a synthesis of everything you learned from your data collection, your research, and what you know about typical development from class discussions and your textbook.

Research Databases

Depending on your topic there are multiple databases to search for education-related information. Education Full-Text and ERIC are the two databases specifically dedicated to education.


Education Full Text
(6/1983+) Covers education topics such as critical thinking, teaching methods, curriculum, comparative education, literacy standards, multicultural education, psychology, special education, counseling, teacher/parent relations, vocational education, etc.

ERIC (via Proquest)
(1966+) Premier U.S. database of education literature. Sponsored by the US Department of Education. Includes journal (EJ) and ERIC Document (ED) citations with abstracts; full text of ERIC Documents from 1993 to present.

(1887+ ) A comprehensive index of psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. Indexes more than 2,150 journals (98% are peer-reviewed) as well as relevant books and dissertations.

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost) (1975+ )
Covers a wide range of academic subjects. Indexes more than 8,200 journals (7,1000 are peer-reviewed) and directly supplies full-text articles for nearly 4,500 journals (including 3,700 peer-reviewed). This database does includes magazines and newspapers so when looking for scholarly sources be sure to limit your results to peer-reviewed journals.

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