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Research Assignments

1- Signature assignment using empirical research:

Conduct research on an aspect of the physical or cognitive domain of adolescent development.

Select an article[s] from database search results that reports on an empirical study.

Read the article & respond to it followin instructions on handout

Cite article using APA format


2- Field Experience Research

Locate & cite peer-reviewed scholarly articles [do not have to be empirical studies]

Articles should relate to field experience

Citing Sources

Cite your sources using APA format. The Citation Styles Library Guide provides guidelines and examples of APA.

ReWorks is a citation management software program available to all students. It allows you to export citations from databases into folders for storing & organizing.  It also formats citations using APA.

For assistance in using RefWorks consult the RefWorks tab in the Citation Styles Library Guide or the RefWorks Library Guide.

Research Databases

Depending on your topic there are multiple databases to search for education-related information. Education Full-Text and ERIC are the 2 databases specifically dedicated to education.


Education Full Text
(6/1983+) Covers education topics such as critical thinking, teaching methods, curriculum, comparative education, literacy standards, multicultural education, psychology, special education, counseling, teacher/parent relations, vocational education, etc.

ERIC (via Proquest)
(1966+) Premier U.S. database of education literature. Sponsored by the US Department of Education. Includes journal (EJ) and ERIC Document (ED) citations with abstracts; full text of ERIC Documents from 1993 to present.

(1887+ ) A comprehensive index of psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. Indexes more than 2,150 journals (98% are peer-reviewed) as well as relevant books and dissertations.

Sample Search Strategy

To formulate an effective search strategy, follow these steps:

 Decide on your topic & state it as completely as possible

 Ex: What instructional methods work best with high school social studies students?


Identify the most important concepts or ideas in the statement, usually 3-5 ideas or concepts

      Ex: high school students, instructional methods, social studies

 Brainstorm several synonyms or keywords related to each concept or idea; arrange in groups

      Ex: high school students, secondary school students, adolescents

            instructional strategies, teaching methods, teaching strategies    

            social studies, social sciences, history, government

Combine search terms, both keywords and subjects, with Boolean connectors [e.g. AND, OR]

      AND is used to combine different concepts [teaching strategies AND high school students]; narrows    and focuses search results

      OR is used to combine keywords/synonyms describing the same concept [high school students OR secondary school students]; broadens the search results


Keyword vs. Subject searching

 Keyword word searches generally retrieves more results because the keyword is searched  everywhere in the database. Good approach when search a new idea or program.

 Subject searches generally are more focused and thus retrieve fewer results because the search is restricted to subject field in each item record. ERIC has a Thesaurus listing the subjects used in this database

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