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ENG 244 Introduction to Researching Family History: ENG 244 Introduction to Researching Family History

Family History, Genealogy, Oral History, Family Narratives

Oral History

In completing your oral history assignment the following books maybe be useful in providing "how to" information:

The Oral History Reader, 2nd ed.,  D16.14 .O76 2006  West Stacks

Handbook of Oral History. 2006. D16.14 .H36 2006. Hayden Stacks, Hayden Arizona, West Stacks

The Oral History Manual. 2nd ed. 2009. D16.14 .S69 2009. West Stacks.  Also 2002. D16.14 .S69 2002. Hayden Stacks, West Stacks.

Doing Oral History: a Practical Guide. 2nd ed., 2003. D16.14 .R57 2003. Hayden Stacks, West Stacks.    

Family Narrative

These titles should be helpful as you plan and write your family narrative:

Writing the Family Narrative. 1987. CS14 .G68 1987 Poly Stacks

For All Time : a Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History. 1996. CS16 .K45 1996.  Hayden Stacks, Poly Stacks.

Producing a Quality Family History. CS16 .H36 1996. Poly Stacks.

You Can Write Your Family History. 2008. CS16 .C375 2008 Poly Stacks.

Researching Life Stories and Family Histories. 2000. CS16 .M56x West Stacks.  

Suggested Books

The following books represent a mix of reference sources and other titles that will assist you in doing genealogical research.

Professional Genealogy: a Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers and Librarians. 2001. CS9 .P76 2001 Poly Stacks

The Source: a Guidebook to American Genealogy. 3rd ed., 2006.  CS49 .S65 2006 Poly Reference, Poly Stacks 

American Census Handbook. 2001 CS49 .K4 2001  West Stacks, High Density

BCG Genealogical Standards Manual. 2000. CS8.5 .B38 2000. Poly Stacks

Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. 2007 D5 .M55 2007 Poly Reference

Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America. 11th ed.,  2006 CS47 .H36 2006 Poly Reference

Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. 3rd. ed. 2000. CS47 .G79 2000. Poly Reference

A Dictionary of English Surnames.  3rd ed., 1997. CS2505 .R39 1991 Online

A Dictionary of Surnames. 1988. CS2385 .H27 1988 Hayden Stacks, High Density

Dictionary of American Family Names. 3 volumes, 2003. CS2485 .D53 2003 Poly , West Reference. Also Online

Jewish Given Names and Family Names: a New Bibliography. 2001. CS3010 .S56 2001 Poly Stacks. Also Online

Oxford Guide to Heraldry.  CR492 .W66 1988 Hayden Stacks,  West Stacks

Librarian's Genealogy Notebook. 1998. CS9 .M66 1998 West Stacks

Emigration From the United Kingdom to America  2v. E184 .B7 E45 1006  West Stacks

Vital Records

These are a few of the sources for locating vital records such as birth, death & marriage records; census records and military, court or land records. Governmental agencies & departments are an excellent source of genealogical data.

As the nation's record keeper, the National Archives preserves important U.S. government materials for historical and legal reasons. Some examples of records retained are census records, court records, passport applications, land records, military records, immigration and naturalization records, treaties, maps, charts, drawings and photographs.


Contains over two million land patents and provides live database access to federal land conveyance records for 32 states issued between 1820 and 1908. This does not include the original 13 colonies, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii. Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals.


Contains Arizona public birth records that occurred at least 75 years ago and Arizona Public Death Records for deaths occurring at least 50 years ago.

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