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ENG 344 Intermediate Family History Research: ENG 344 Intermediate Family History Research

Annotated Bibliography


Create an annotated bibliography of published sources about the geographic locations[s] where the subjects of your final project lived. A second part of this bibliography will included an annoted list of unpublished sources about your ancestor or about people who lived in a similar location and/or who may have experienced the same social, economical, political and historical events as the subject of your final paper.

Part of creating a bibliography is using a citation style such as Chicago, MLA etc. For examples of the most commonly used citation styles click on this link: Citing Sources.

The websites listed below will assist you in understanding what an annotated bibliography is and how to create one.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliographies (Purdue Online Writien Lab OWL)

Family Biography or Narrative

These titles should be helpful as you plan and write your family narrative:

Writing the Family Narrative. 1987. CS14 .G68 1987 Poly Stacks

For All Time : a Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History. 1996. CS16 .K45 1996.  Hayden Stacks, Poly Stacks.

Producing a Quality Family History. CS16 .H36 1996. Poly Stacks.

You Can Write Your Family History. 2008. CS16 .C375 2008 Poly Stacks.

Researching Life Stories and Family Histories. 2000. CS16 .M56x West Stacks. Online

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Primary sources are the historical documents used by historians as evidence. Examples of primary sources include diaries, personal journals, government records, court records, property records, newspaper articles, military reports, military rosters, and many other things.

In contrast, a secondary source is the typical history book which may discuss a person, event or other historical topic. A good secondary source uses primary sources as evidence.

The key to determining whether an item may be considered to be a primary source is to ask how soon after the event was the information recorded. This can be a problem with an autobiography, memoir, reminiscence, etc. if the author is working several years with only the memory of what happened.

Primary Sources LibGuide This LibGuide contains detailed more information about finding and evaluating primary sources.

Suggested Books

The following books represent a mix of reference sources and other titles that will assist you in doing genealogical research.

Professional Genealogy: a Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers and Librarians. 2001. CS9 .P76 2001 Poly Stacks

The Source: a Guidebook to American Genealogy. 3rd ed., 2006.  CS49 .S65 2006 Poly Reference, Poly Stacks 

Writing the Family Narrative. 1987. CS14 .G68 1987 Poly Stacks

Producing a Quality Family History. 1996. C16 .H36 1996 Poly Stacks

You Can Write Your Family History. 2000. CS16 .C375 2008 Poly Stacks

American Census Handbook. 2001 CS49 .K4 2001 High Density, West Stacks

BCG Genealogical Standards Manual. 2000. CS8.5 .B38 2000. Poly Stacks

Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. 2007 D5 .M55 2007 Poly Reference

Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America. 11th ed.,  2006 CS47 .H36 2006 Poly Reference

Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. 3rd. ed. 2000. CS47 .G79 2000. Poly Reference

A Dictionary of English Surnames. 3rd. ed., 1991. CS2505 .R39 1991eb Online

A Dictionary of Surnames. 1988. CS2385 .H27 1988 Hayden Stacks, High Denisty

Dictionary of American Family Names. 3 volumes, 2003. CS2485 .D53 2003 Poly Reference,  Also Online

Jewish Given Names and Family Names: a New Bibliography. 2001. CS3010 .S56 2001 Poly Stacks. Also Online

Oxford Guide to Heraldry. CR492 .W66 1988 Hayden Stacks, West Stacks.

Librarian's Genealogy Notebook. 1998. CS9 .M66 1998 West Stacks

Emigration From the United Kingdom to America  2v. E184 .B7 E45 1006  West Stacks

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