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GLG 103 : Introduction to Geology Lab (Online), Module 13, Hometown Geology

This guide is to help online Geology 103 lab (GLG 103) students identify the topographic and geologic maps they will need for their Hometown Geology assignment.

GLG 103 Module 13 Hometown Geology Lab Assignment Overview

The purpose of this library guide is to assist students taking the online course, Geology (GLG) 103, with their research for the Module 13 assignment.  

For this assignment, GLG 103 lab students need to find a topographic and a geologic map of their hometown or an area of interest.  Instructions for finding U.S. topographic maps and U.S. geologic maps can be found in the boxes below. 

International students need only to find geologic maps of their home countries.  When searching for a geologic map of your home country, try searching your country's name in both the native language(s) and English.  Although the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub tries to collect high quality geological and topographic maps of areas outside the U.S., we may not have them available for everywhere in the world. During this exercise, if you do not find a quality geologic map for your country, you may want to select a place of interest within the U.S. 

Online Topographic and Geologic Maps

For students outside of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area who cannot go to the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub, try these online resources for your map needs:

Topographic Maps

USGS Map Locator and Downloader Free downloads of topographic maps are available from the U.S. Geological Survey.  Click Get Maps.  Watch the video if needed.  Along the right under Map Scales select 24,000.  Zoom into your area or use the pushpin to search for your town.  Click once in the area and a box will pop up with your topographic map.  Download or click on the map to view in a browser window.  

Google Earth has topographic map overlays of the most recent topographic maps for Arizona.  Using Google Earth as an advantage in that one can see the topographic maps placed on the "surface" of the Earth. After downloading Google Earth, download this topographic map file.


Geologic Maps

National Geologic Map Database. The USGS (United States Geologic Survey) also hosts many of their geologic maps online and some maps created by state geologic surveys.  Use MapView to bring up a map of the United States.  Either zoom into your area of interest or use the search tool on the right and type in your town and state. Then click on the Filter by Scale tool on the right.  At the top center, select Bedrock.

Now click once on the map to view geologic maps of that spot.  Use the Browse option to view the selected map online.  If the map that comes up does not look like it has enough rock types go back to the MapView screen and click on a different area to pull up another map.

State Geological Surveys.  It is recommended that students should check the National Geologic Map Database before directly searching their state geological survey.  Most states have geologic surveys and many host some of their geologic maps online.  To search for your states geologic survey, simply search for the name of your state and add the words, geologic survey.  For example, if you are from Missouri, search for Missouri Geologic Survey to find online geologic maps.

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