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GPH 370

Library guide for GPH 370

Online Resources

GIS Library Guide - Library Guide for beginner and advanced GIS.  Includes data resources.

Sanborn Maps, Arizona - Detailed city maps that include building construction materials, building purpose, and city infrastructure information.

Historical Aerial Photography from the Maricopa County Flood Control District.  Aerial photography of Marciopa county, selective years available from 1930 to recent times.  Click on View Historical Aerial Photography.  Requires Internet Explorer.

USGS Topographic Maps from the Google Earth Library.

Arizona Imagery Server - From the Arizona State Cartographer's Office, detailed, current statewide imagery map service that can be used with ArcMap and ArcExplorer.

Aerial Photography in the Map Collection

Arizona City Aerial Photo Index - print historic aerial photographs of Arizona cities are available in the map collection from a variety of institutions.

Landiscor Phoenix Photo Atlases: From 1969 to 2006, Landiscor produced aerial photo books of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area at a scale of 1:14,400. The ASU Library's Map Collection holds Landiscor photo atlases for almost every year from 1969 to 2006.  See: Arizona City Aerial Photo Index.

USGS 7.5' Orthophotomaps - Photomaps of nearly all of the areas covered by USGS 7.5' (minute) topographic maps.  Each photomap share the name of the corresponding 7.5' map (1:24,000 scale).  Produced in the early 1970's. See: Arizona City Aerial Photo Index.

Maricopa County Tax Assessor's Photos: The Map Collection maintains Maricopa County Tax Assessors photos from 1986 through 1997. These photos are produced at three scales, 1:14,400, 1:7,200 and 1:4,800.  The ASU Library Map Collection has years not available from the Marciopa County Flood Control District's historic aearial photography website. 

USGS Aerial Survey Photos: These photos are 9"x9" black and white aerials flown by the United States Geological Survey in the early 1960s. The USGS photos cover most of the eastern and southern regions of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Photo scales range from 1:24,000 to 1:34,400.
See: Arizona City Aerial Photo Index.

Soil Conservation Service Photographs - 15' (minute) by 15' historic 1:48,000 scale aerial photography of about half of Arizona's land area.  A first set of photographs were produced in 1935, a second set in 1937.

Landiscor Phoenix Real Estate Photo Book: Landiscor produces the Real Estate Photo Book four times a year. It contains color aerial photos at a scale of 1:26,400 as well as information on housing, office and industrial developments, and retail centers. The Map Collection has received the Real Estate Photo Book and its predecessor, the black and white Greater Phoenix Housing Study, since 1970.

Print Resources in the Map Collection

USGS 7.5' topographic maps - The map collection retains current and earlier editions of Arizona topographic maps in a variety of scales.

Thematic maps - To find maps or atlases dealing specific subjects in Arizona, first try searching the ASU Library Catalog, then try the Map Index.

ASU Library Catalog

To find maps that are available in the ASU Library Map Collection, you will need to limit your search.  While in the advance search mode, change (limit) the location to "Science Library" and the Material Type to "Map."

ASU Library Map Index

Many of the older thematic maps available in the ASU Library Map Collection are not yet listed in the library catalog.  (We are working on it, but there are over a quarter million maps that need to have their records converted to the library catalog.)  For Arizona maps, search the library catalog first as the Map Index may provide an outdated call number.

Where is the Map Collection?

The ASU Library Map Collection is located on the 3rd floor of the Noble Library.  After entering the library take an elevator or the south stairwell to the 3rd floor.  With floor space for over 250,000 maps, we are easy to find!

Campus Map showing Noble Library

Hours of Map Collection

Hours and Locations