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History Unfolded: Arizona Newspapers and the Holocaust

A collaborative project of ASU Library, Histo-News Club, Upward Bound, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to discover what Americans knew about the Holocaust as it was happening
Americans and the Nazi Threat: What Did Arizonans Know?

This public event was sponsored by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and ASU (November 15, 2017). See recording:

History Unfolded Project: What Did Americans Know about the Holocaust?

History Unfolded is a project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. It asks students, teachers, and history buffs throughout the United States what was possible for Americans to have known about the Holocaust as it was happening and how Americans responded. Participants search local newspapers for news and opinions about 32 different Holocaust-era events that took place in the United States and Europe, and submit articles they find to a national database, as well as information about newspapers that did not cover events. History Unfolded raises questions for scholars and will inform the Museum’s initiative on Americans and the Holocaust. Under the leadership of Dr. Matthew Delmont, the ASU community contributed last April over a hundred newspaper articles from the black press during a 4-hour citizen history event. 

The 2019 project focuses on local newspapers from Arizona to research what people in Arizona haven known about the Holocaust as it was unfolding. The project is led by ASU student Norma Owens who heads the Histo-News Club.

ASU's Histo-News Club welcomes the ASU community to join our project and search Arizona-published newspapers from the 1930s–1940s for information about Holocaust-related events at the time. This is a collaborative project of Arizona State University and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Edward C. Oetting

Research Librarian for History & SHPRS 

(480) 965-4579;

Histo-News Club Events

Histo-News is a research club that will analyze and evaluate primary sources to build an archive of historical data. To learn more information, click here


  • Club Monthly Meeting Sept 19 4:30pm-5:30pm
    • MU 248 Rincon Room
  • Club Monthly Meeting Oct 17 4:30pm-5:30pm
    • MU 248 Rincon Room
  • Club Monthly Meeting Nov 21 4:30pm-5:30pm
    • MU 248 Rincon Room

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