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KIN 101: Introduction to Kinesiology

Top Research Databases

Is Your Article Peer Reviewed?

Find out if an article was published in a journal that uses peer-review:

  1. Go to Ulrichs Web - a Research Database with information about journals and other publications
  2. Search for the journal title that your article was published in (for example: BMC Medicine)
  3. Look for this image next to the journal title:
    • This image indicates that the journal is 'Refereed,' another term that means 'Peer-Reviewed.'

Example topics for searching practice

Can resistance training improve bone mineral density in post-menopausal women?

Can yoga or massage improve lower back pain in elderly patients?

Can anatomical differences between males and females account for the observed difference in ACL injuries?

Does the grasping movement differ between Parkinson's and non-Parkinson's patients?

Can exercise improve glucose metabolism?

Get to know 2 research databases for Health Sciences research

View the 2 videos below to see examples of keyword searching in 2 major Health Sciences research databases: PubMed and CINAHL.

In each video, Look for:

  1. How do you use keywords to search each database?
  2. How can you use synonyms to expand your first keyword search?
  3. How can you limit your search results using categories like: publication date, gender, or article type?
  4. How can you get to full text of an article showing in your search results?


PubMed Keyword searching via YouTube:




CINAHL Keyword searching via YouTube



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