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NTR 351: Nutrition Communication

How to use this guide

Hello and Welcome to the NTR 351 Course Guide!  Explore the resources on this guide tailored to your course assignments and research needs.  Have suggestions for this guide?  Let us know by contacting the Health Sciences Librarians.

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Finding the source of scholarly research cited in Health News

To track down research cited in a news article:

  • Note all the information given - usually this will include one or more of the following:
    • Author name/s
    • Topic of original study or article
    • Where it was published (journal name or government report name)
    • Year or date the study was published
    • The institution where the study was conducted and/or where the author is from
  • Use one of the following to find the study
    • Google Scholar (go through the ASU Library website for full-text links!)
    • PubMed
    • Library One Search
    • Journal Search (e-journals - use this if the journal name is given, then search within the journal)

Once you find the source, email yourself the citation or permanent link, or note it in another way, such as saving the PDF of the full-text study.

Examples to try:

"Bananas are as beneficial as sports drinks, researchers find" 

"Gluten-free diets not always necessary, study suggests" 

"What are the health benefits of goji berries?"

"Creatine does more than build muscles, it helps treat depression, U researchers say" 


How to tell if a journal is peer reviewed

  1. Go to Ulrichs Web - a Research Database with information about journals and other publications
  2. Search for the journal title that your article was published in (for example: BMC Medicine)
  3. Look for this image next to the journal title:
    • This image indicates that the journal is 'Refereed,' another term that means 'Peer-Reviewed.'

For more information on peer-reviewed articles, see:

ASU Library Peer-Reviewed/Refereed Articles Self-Paced Tutorial

Finding Articles - Trying out a Health Research Database

Next up is the Finding Articles: Research Databases page on this guide.  Use a topic from a health news article or the question below to try out searching in PubMed or another research database.  This page also includes video examples of searches in PubMed and CINAHL, and example searching strategies.

Is a Mediterranean diet effective in reducing childhood obesity rates?

Citation Styles for Nutrition

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) Style Guide information

American Medical Association Style Guide

  • 10th Edition available in print in the Reference area of ASU Library's Downtown, Polytechnic, West, and Noble Science (Tempe campus) Libraries.  See the online library catalog record for this book's call number.

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