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BIS Organizational Studies

Guide to research resources for the BIS Organizational Studies program

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Organizational Studies is a multidisciplinary approach to the study of how individuals and groups interact with organizations and are affected by them.  Disciplines as diverse as economics, sociology, political science, anthropology, psychology and management have contributed to the methodologies and theoretical models used in this field. This guide attempts to identify useful resources from these various disciplines for research in Organizational Studies.


Information Sources
Organizes recommended research sources into the following types of information from which you may select. (Go to the main INFORMATION SOURCES page for  ideas on finding books and to see the content descriptions of the Information Sources subpages.) 

Course Resources 
Offers source recommendations for completing specific class assignments for BIS Organizational Studies courses.

Citing Sources
Links to guides and tools for citing research sources and creating bibliographies.

Leads to general instructional material on using the library as well as tutorials specific to BIS Organizational Studies research.

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