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PRM 406 Program Design and Administration in Recreation Therapy: Home

Learn how to construct a search statement and find articles on a specific population and service setting.

Instructional Objectives

Students will:

  • define peer-reviewed, primary, and review articles.
  • know at least one source for searching for clinical guidelines
  • recognize, find, and cite at least one source for their population and service setting.
  • understand how to construct a search statement based on their population and service setting.
  • know how to limit a search for targeted retrieval.
  • understand how to access controlled vocabulary in search engines to get the most focused and accurate retrieval.
  • have some resources for creating posters                                 

Evidence-Based Practice

National Guideline Clearinghouse  
The NGC mission is to provide physicians and other health professionals, health care providers, health plans, integrated delivery systems, purchasers, and others an accessible mechanism for obtaining objective, detailed information on clinical practice guidelines and to further their dissemination, implementation, and use.

Best Practice Guidelines 
Best Practice Guidelines developed by Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) as part of their nursing best practice guidelines project begun in 1999

RCN Clinical Guidelines  

Practice guidelines from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in the United Kingdom

How to use this Course Guide

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This Guide includes:


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What are Primary/Empirical Research Articles?

Research scholars write on topics they study as a means of reporting results they discover in their research.

Primary/empirical research articles are...

  • written by scholars to offer evidence based on their own observations to support a hypothesis, argument or claim;
  • based on analyses of qualitative or quantitative evidence, not opinion;
  • published in scholarly journals, not magazines;
  • written by scholars to be read by scholars, not by journalists to be read by a general audience.

What is a Review Article?

In a review article, the author has gathered and summarized relevant research on a topic. This is done in a focused way, to support the topic reviewed. Review articles are characterized by:

  • Lots of references to other articles within the article
  • A lengthy bibliography
  • An overview or summary of a topic

Tutorials on: Primary/Empirical Research Articles and Peer-Reviewed Sources

Still unclear about what a primary research article is? -- view this tutorial on Empirical/Primary Articles

Know what  peer-reviewed or refereed means?  --view this tutorial on Peer Reviewed Articles

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