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TEL 215 Child & Adolescent Development

Course page in support of TEL 215 Child & Adolescent Development

About This Guide

This guide is designed to assist students enrolled in the TEL 215 Child & Adolescent Development course across campuses. Resources needed to complete assignments are listed & links provided to the relevant databases for finding journal articles, identifying and finding summaries & reviews of children's and young adult literature.  

Link to the Learning Badges to login and complete the Scholar Badge consisting of several tutorials. You must create and log into your Credly account to be awarded certificates and/or badges. Upon completion of each tutorial you will be awarded an individual certificate and completion of all tutorials within a badge earns you a badge. Several other badges are also available if you are interested, including the Education Badge. 


Developmental Domain Presentation:
Research specific topic in development and research, create and facilitate to class. Issues in development include Cognitive, Physical, or Social/Emotional Development. ERIC is a good database for this.

Children's Literature Analysis:
Choose two books that teach a specific social skill related to Social/Emotional Development of the young child. Read, analyze, and provide recommendations related to research based evidence to support SED. 

Search the the ASU Library Catalog by title of the book or keyword using words in the title or words describing the subject of the book. Books with a location of West campus (Fletcher) Library Children and Young Adult are located on 2nd floor West of Fletcher Library.  Books with Hayden Children and Young Adult or Poly Children and Young Adult are located on those campuses but delivery delivery between campuses can be requested. See examples in box below about searching the Catalog.

Use the CLCD database listed in database column to the right to locate reviews and/or summaries of the book selected. For more information check out the Children's & Young Adult Literature Library Guide  Search this database with your topic. To find book reviews find the box called RECORD CATEGORY under the search box & to the right, change the limits from all to professionals only.  This retrieves books reviews to help teachers and librarians decide the relevance & value of the book to the assignment. 

Is this APPropriate?
Research the influences of technology and media related to cognitive and physical development. Create developmentally appropriate APPs for the adolescent. Begin with a search like this and modify as needed. "technology" and ("cognitive development" or "physical development").  This search combines both cognitive or physical development with technology. If you are specifically interested in one over the other you can structure your search like this: "technology" and "cognitive development" or if you are interested in physical development only then try this: "technology" and "physical development". There are several databases that would be helpful: ERIC, Education Full-Text and LearnTechLib. LearnTechLib focuses on online learning and includes journal articles and conference presentations; it is searchable but not in the same structured way databases like ERIC etc are.

Research & present a side to argue on your assigned 'hot topic' in development and schooling. These databases: Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher may help you locate pro/con arguments on your topic.

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Access these accounts under 'My Accounts' on the ASU Library home page,

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