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ASU 101: Health Innovation: Finding Health and Wellness Solutions

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

Some topics to think about:

Encouraging healthier food choices, providing cleaner water, solutions for obesity and related health problems, better health information delivery systems, using genetic information to sense changes in the body

Background Information & Topic Overviews

Research Starters
Academic Search Premier
JSTOR Health and General Science Collection

For more focused health sciences research, use the databases below


Food Science and Technology Abstracts

Science Direct

Cochrane Library


For our PICO example, let's look at whether walking is effective for weight-loss in a sedentary adult population. Since PICO was initially developed for health science practitioners, identifying our five Ws is easy.

Who - sedentary adults

What - overweight

When - ongoing

Where - anywhere

Why - to lose weight

How - walking

 Our P (population) element is sedentary adults and our I (intervention) element is walking.

Searching those 2 terms in Academic Search Premier yields 59 results, 56 of which are from scholarly journals. Searching in PubMed, one of the more health-focused databases yields 830 articles, many describing the results of clinical trials.


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