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BCH 467: Analytical Biochemistry Library Lab

Instructions for finding information from the literature for your lab reports; includes how to format the references in your report in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) citation style.


As you research your lab reports, you likely come across citations to journals articles (or books) that you'll need to read.  Not all of these citations will have a link directly to the article, so you need to know how to find an article (or book) when you only have a written citation.  

Start by reading the instructions in the box below and then view the video demonstration.  After you view the video, do the exercise in the final box at the bottom of this page.  

When you are finished with Exercise: Finding Citations,  you'll be directed to Section 2: JBC Style. 

Using the ASU Library to Find Citations

In this video, you'll see how to find an article when you only have a written citation.   After you view the video, do the exercise in the box below the video window.   (You can also watch this video via this URL:  The techniques shown in this video are not the only ways to locate citations but they are the methods the ASU Librarians use to ensure comprehensiveness. 

To full the video in full screen, click on the full screen icon in the lower right black bar in the video window - use the ESC key to exit from the full screen. 

Item Not Available at ASU?

If the journal article you need is not available from the ASU Library, request it via the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.  It's free and fast.  

Use the ILL service whenever the computer tells you that the item is not available online from the ASU Library. We'll find a library that does have the article available and place a scanned copy of the article in your ILLiad account, usually within 24 hours.  


Exercise: Finding Citations

Find the following two references in the ASU Library.  You will need these articles for further exercises on this guide.  

  1. Taraska, J. W. Mapping membrane protein structure with fluorescence. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 22, 507-513, 2012
  2. Engelborghs, Yves  J Fluores 13(1): 9-16, 2003.


 Move on to Section 2: JBC Style



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