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BIS 301 Disciplinary Maps

A guide to doing the disciplinary maps assignment in BIS 301

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Research Questions & Methodologies: Tutorial

Research Questions & Methodologies: Step-by-Step

This covers the same information as the video above, but in step-by-step written instructions. To determine research questions and methodologies in each of your disciplines, you should use the same journals you found in the previous part of the assignment. Then follow these steps:

  • Look within several years' worth of issues of your journals and scan the article titles - there are normally 4 issues/year, and 6-12 articles/issue - so you should scan approximately 40-50 article titles.
  • Article titles are often sufficient to determine the basic research question, but if not, open the fulltext of the article and read the Abstract.
  • Note any broad trends in the research questions scholars are investigating.
  • Choose 2-3 representative articles and cite them as examples of current research questions in your dicipline.
  • Open the fulltext of each the article and read the Abstract to determine what methodology was used to answer the research question. If the method is not mentioned in the Abstract, then look for the Methods/Methodology section within the article.
  • Note common methodologies being used in your disipline.
  • Choose 2-3 representative articles and cite them as examples of methodologies used in your dicipline.

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