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BIS 301 Disciplinary Maps

A guide to doing the disciplinary maps assignment in BIS 301

ASU Library Catalog

ASU Library Catalog SEARCH:

Finding Books: Tutorials

Check out these tutorials to help you with general information on the process of finding books at ASU Library:

Current Theories & Key Concepts: Tutorial

You will the same sources you used for the previous part of the Disciplinary Maps assignment: introductory textbooks and specialized encyclopedias. Here is a refresher:

Current Theories & Key Concepts: Step-by-Step

This covers the same information as the video above, but in step-by-step written instructions.

One way to find a CURRENT THEORIES & KEY CONCEPTS for the Disciplinary Maps assignment is to use your introductory textbooks from the courses you have taken in your concentrations. If you no longer have them, you can search the ASU Library Catalogto locate books similar to your textbooks. (You can also use the handy Catalog Search box on the top left side of this screen to search ASU's Library Catalog.)

  • Do a keyword search using (your) discipline and "introduction".  For example, type Communication and Introduction, or Marketing and Introduction, etc.
  • Look through the results for books that look general in scope. Note whether the book is online or print. For print books, you will need the call number. Go to the shelves in the library to locate the particular book, as well as browse the area for other books that may also be useful to you.
  • You may also browse the library stacks online by clicking on the CALL NUMBER link.  This will take you to a page that lists all the books by call number order.

Another good source for a CURRENT THEORIES AND KEY CONCEPTS is to look at some articles in specialized encyclopedias. These are all available online:

      • Gale Virtual Reference Library
        Contains dozens of online encyclopedias and other reference works. Good for the Humanities.
      • Sage eReference
        An online collection of over 40 reference titles from Sage Publications. It is especially good for the social sciences and sciences.
      • Credo Reference
        Credo provides full-text online access to reference books in all major subjects, from almost every major discipline.

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