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BIS 301 - Professor Tony Clark

This guide will provide resources for specific assignments: Profiling a Discipline (PaD) and Interdisciplinary Literature Review.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

ASU values academic integrity and takes plagiarism seriously. Students can learn about academic integrity and when and how to cite a source to avoid plagiarism by using the sources below.

Academic Integrity at ASU

Plagiarism tutorials


About RefWorks

RefWorks is a user-friendly database system that allows you to create and manage your citations via the Web. You can easily create bibliographies in multiple citation styles, or insert your citations into your papers.

Create your own RefWorks account now

Once you have a RefWorks account, go to the RefWorks log-in page to log in plus get access to tutorials and user guides.

Note: RefWorks offers Sage Harvard style, but it sometimes capitalizes each word in the journal article or book chapter title. You would need to manually change this. Only the first Word (and the first word after a colon, and proper nouns) should be capitalized.

Sage Harvard Citation Formatting Instructions & Examples


  1. Initials should be used without spaces or periods.
  2. Up to six authors may be listed. If more, then list the first three authors and represent the rest by 'et al.' rather than write them out in full.

In-Text Citations

  1. All references in the text and notes must be specified by the authors' last names (unless the name is already in the text) and date of publication. Include page numbers where appropriate.
  2. When there are two authors, give both names joined by 'and.' If there are three or more, list the first author followed by 'et al.'
  3. If enclosing a series of references within a single pair of parentheses, separate the references with semicolons.
  4. Do not use ibid., op. cit., infra., supra. Instead, show the subsequent citation of the same source in the same way as the first.

Examples: ... it has been noted (Author Last Name, year: page nos) that ...
                  ... Author Last Name (year) has argued ...

Go to the SAGE UK Style Guide online to see additional examples on how to adjust the in-text citation format for specific situations.


  1. Arrange the list alphabetically.
  2. Show up to six author names at most . For more, show the first three names followed by "et al.' 
    Author A, Author B
    Author A, Author B, and Author C
    Author A, Author B, Author C, et al.
  3. For the titles of journal articles and book chapters, only capitalize the first word, the first word following a colon, and proper nouns.
  4. For the titles of journals and books, capitalize all words except articles, prepositions, and coordinate conjunctions.

Author A, Author B (year) Book Title. Place: Publisher.

Example: Clark JM, Hockey L (1979) Research for Nursing. Leeds: Dobson Publishers.

Book Chapter:
Author A (year) Chapter title. In: Author A (ed.) Book Title. Place: Publisher, page-page.

Example: Gumley V (1988) Skin cancers. In: Tschudin V and Brown EB (eds.) Nursing the Patient with Cancer. London: Hall House, 26-52.

Journal Article:
Author A, Author B, (year) Article title. Journal vol: page-page.

Example: Huth EJ, King K, and Lock S (1988) Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. British Medical Journal 296:401-405.

Author/Organization (year) Title. Available at: URL (accessed date).

Example: National Center for Professional Certification (2002) Factors Affecting Organizational Climate and Retention. Available at: (accessed 11 June 2016).

Go to the SAGE UK Style Guide online to see additional examples on how to adjust the references format for specific situations.

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