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Physical Education

A guide to research databases, websites, e-books, and other sources for physical education research.

Article Databases

The most important article database in the field of physical education is the Physical Education Index, and you will be well served by starting your search there. There are other databases that may also be helpful depending on your topic.

Starting Point:

Physical Education Index

Health and medicine database: PubMed

Education databases: Education Full Text or ERIC

Sport & exercise science, kinesiology, coaching: SPORT Discus

Mental/behavioral/psychological aspects of fitness, wellness, etc: PsycInfo


Additional educational & interdisciplinary databases

Ways to Identify a Scholarly Article

  • Lengthy articles written by experts or scholars for an expert, academic audience (faculty, graduate students, researchers) in a particular field.
  • Articles have a serious appearance: text-oriented with few photographs but may include graphs and charts illustrating research results or otherwise supporting the text.
  • Employ a formal, scholarly or technical writing style utilizing a vocabulary that requires some degree of subject knowledge.
  • The author's expertise is usually given near the beginning or at the end of the article and an abstract is included.
  • Sources are credited in footnotes and/or a bibliography.
  • Often reviewed by an author's peers before publication.
  • Articles are based on original research and experimentation.

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