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Exercise and Wellness: Evaluating Websites

A guide to research and resources in health promotion, healthy lifestyles, wellness, and sport science.

Evaluating Websites

A User's Guide to Finding and Using Health Information on the Web | Medical Library Association

Top Ten Consumer Health Websites | Medical Library Association

Evaluating Web Pages | University of California Berkeley Library

Evaluating Internet Information | John Hopkins University

Scholarly vs Popular Journals

Popular Magazines vs. Trade Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals (ASU Library, a voice over tutorial)


Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Publications

Reliable Background Information

Background reading is essential to advancing from novice to expert on a topic and to writing a more authoriatative, robust and interesting paper.

  • provides general understanding of the topic
  • allows the a novice to advance at her own pace in knowledge of subject and acquisition of specialised vocabulary
  • answers questions about the topic
  • can provide a general overview of the opposing viewpoints or any controvesary regarding a topic.
  • saves time, frustration, makes for easier writing, and usually results in a more indepth and interesting paper in the long run.



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