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Exercise and Wellness

A guide to research and resources in health promotion, healthy lifestyles, wellness, and sport science.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Book (9/21/10)

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The reference list shall be in alphabetic order (rather than in the order of citation) and numbered. There shall not be more than 40 references for original investigations. Review articles are limited to 75 references. All references shall appear in the text. The format for references is that which has been adopted by the United States National Library of Medicine [Patrias K. National Library of Medicine Recommended Formats for Bibliographic Citation. Bethesda (MD): The Library; 1991.

Available from: NTIS, Springfield, VA; PB91-182030.] and employed in Index Medicus. For those not included in Index Medicus, adhere to the form established by the American National Standard for Bibliographic References. Examples of the types of references are as follows:


1) Book:

Author A. Italicize book title. Edition. City (State abbrev): Publishers; copyright. pages.


Cohen J. Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences. 2nd ed. Hillsdale (NJ): Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 1988. 567 p.

2) Book Chapter:

Author AA, Author AA, Author AA. Chapter title. In: Authors or editors. Italicize book title. City: Publisher; copyright. pages.


Paffenbarger RS, Hyde RT, Wing AL. Physical activity and physical fitness as determinants of health and longevity. In: Bouchard C, Shephard RJ, Stephens T, Sutton JR, McPherson BD, editors. Exercise, Fitness, and Health. Champaign: Human Kinetics; 1990. p. 33–48.

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