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CyberCultures - ASB/SBS/SOC 205 -West campus

Enjoy this guide to the world of CyberCulture. You find links to information sources relevant to the course and an introduction to the multi-user virtual environment, Second Life.

SL Sites to Visit

Where to go in Your Second Life:

Use these tabs to visit SL URLs (SLURLs) in your areas of interest. 


New to Second Life?

If you're new to SL and not sure where to go in-world or how to get there, you have several options.


1)  You can use your Cybercultures Course Guide through Fletcher Library.  Just follow these directions: 

Start by opening up the SL program in a separate window or on your browser.  (FILE - NEW WINDOW or NEW TAB)

Login to your SL user account.

Click back to this CyberCultures guide in your browser.

Go to the SLURLS tab in the guide, and select the SL ORIENTATION, HELP & LEARNING TAB

Go down the list, and click on the ORIENTATION ISLAND PUBLIC link and accept the teleport

A new tab will open called “Slurl – location-based linking in Second Life.”  Click on the orange TELEPORT NOW button.  (You’ll get a pop-up stating that an external application must be launched…”.  Click LAUNCH APPLICATION

Click back to the Second Life page; the SL grid map will appear show your newly selected location; click the blue TELEPORT button at the bottom.  You will be transported to your new SLURL.


2)  You can also collect "Landmarks" in Second Life and store them in your inventory.  Linden Labs includes some "starter" landmarks in every new avatar's inventory.  Just open your inventory, find the "landmarks" folder and click it open.  You can double click on any landmark there for an instant teleport to a new location.


3)  You can use the "Map" in Second Life.  Just double-click on any region on the map.  But be careful; you can't always be sure where you will end up - or if you will be likely to enjoy your experiences there.


4)  You can accept a landmark as a "gift" from another avatar.  If you meet someone you like in Second Life, ask them to give you a landmark to an interesting SIM.  You will receive a pop-up on your screen with the offer, and then it will be downloaded to your inventory.  Just click the teleport, and you're on your way.


Let there be light!!!

TIP:  If it’s dark in your SL region and you need more light, from the drop-down menu at the upper left of your screen, choose WORLD – FORCE SUN – NOON.  Be aware, however, that some builds in Second Life look their best at midnight.



Hours and Locations