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CyberCultures - ASB/SBS/SOC 205 -West campus

Enjoy this guide to the world of CyberCulture. You find links to information sources relevant to the course and an introduction to the multi-user virtual environment, Second Life.

Second Life

Second Life Blogs & News Websites - General, Education

General -

New World Notes (blog):

Official Second Life Blog:

Second Life News Network:

Second Life News Paper:

Second Pages: "A search engine, filled with about 600 companies and their locations in SL. RL companies are marked with "REAL". Search by category or free-text. Add new entries and rate your favourite location with so called "FLIPS"! With our HUD you can search everything in SL directly."

Second Life Reports - Your Virtual Worlds News Source:

Seventh Sun - News from the Virtual World:


Education -


Annotated Bibliography of Second Life Educational Online Resources:

Education Redefined in a MUVE: Education in Second Life slideshare:

EduMUVE: Sites of Interest to Educators in SL:

ICT Library Website:

League of Worlds-Virtual Worlds as Potential Collaborative Learning Environments:

MUVE Forward – Topher Zwiers Education in SL Blog:

New Media Consortium Second Life Campus Observer:

New Media Consortium Second Life Campus Wiki:

Second Life Cable Network TV – Best Practices in Education:

Second Life in Education Wiki:

Second Life Library on InfoIsland:

SLED Blog K-20 Education Using the SL World:

SLED Events Blogspot - Calendar of Educational Events in SL:




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