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Climate, Meteorology and Weather

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  • Calculators
    • Weather Calculators
      Convert units for temperature, pressure and wind speed; calculate heat index, wind chill and relative humidity
  • Climate Data
    • Arizona Climate 1931-1972
      QC984 .A7A7 1974
      Includes precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, surface winds, cloudiness, and evaporation information plus station climatological summaries and histories.
    • Arizona Climate: the 1st 100 Years, 1885-1985
      QC984 .A6A84x 1985 Science Reference
      Includes significant weather events, statewide temperature and moisture trends, and table of means and extremes for Arizona stations.
    • Arizona Climate Data (AZ State Climatologist)
      Links to climate normals (long term averages) and historical data (daily values) and rainfall.
    • AzMET (Arizona Meteorological Network, University of Arizona)
      "Provides meteorological data and weather-based information to agricultural and horticultural interests operating in southern and central Arizona." Includes air and soil temperatures, rainfall, solar radiation, humidity and wind speed.
    • Historical Summaries for Western US (Western Regional Climate Center)
      Climatological Data Summaries for Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Covers over 219 Arizona cities or locations. Includes temperatures, precipitation, and heating, cooling and growing degree days.
    • United States Interactive Climate Pages (NOAA)
      Includes data on temperature, precipitation and other variables for cities throughout the United States and its possessions. Permits creation of maps for monthly US temperature and precipitation products from 1895 to the present.
    • Weather America 2nd ed.
      QC983 .W385 2000 Science Reference
      "A 30-year summary of statistical weather data and rankings."
    • Weather of U.S. Cities
      QC983 .W4 no. 5 1996 Science Reference
    • Where to Find Weather and Climate Information (NOAA)
  • Dictionaries
  • El Niño and La Niña
    Also refered to as "ENSO", "El Niño Southern Oscillation", or "Southern Oscillation".
    Data Compilations & Observations | Dictionaries | Overviews & History | Other Internet Resources
    • Data Compilations and Observations
      • El Niño, La Nina and the Western U.S., Alaska and Hawaii
        Links to FAQs, data and maps. Maintained by the Western Regional Climate Center.
      • El Niño/La Niña: Depicting the Impacts of El Niño and La Niña
        "This page provides a one-stop source for NOAA National Data Center (NNDC) reports and data related to El Niño and La Niña. It links to on-line reports describing El Niño/La Niña-influenced weather events, to various datasets and images, and to other sites with additional information."
      • El Niño/Southern Oscillation
        This site was designed to report on the 1997-1998 El Niño and does not appear to have been updated since August 1998. Reports were received from all over the world.
      • El Niño Theme Page: The Basics
        An excellent web site created by the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Scroll page down to "Where Can I Find Data on El Niño?" section.
      • El Niño/La Niña Watch
        "... images and news releases based on observations of the El Niño/La Niña phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean by the U.S./French TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, and other NASA/JPL satellites and instruments." Page maintained by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the California Institute of Technology.
      • Rainfall in El Niño Years
        Australian data is available for the 20th century. This site is maintained by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
        See also:
    • Dictionaries
    • Overviews and History
      • El Niño/La Niña: Nature's Viscious Cycle
        Article by Curt Suplee from National Geographic Magazine. Includes links to other sources of El Niño information.
      • El Niño Theme Page: The Basics
        An excellent web site created by the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Look under "The Basics" category for an introduction to El Niño and La Niña; also includes an FAQ section.
      • Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather. Oxford University Press, 1996.
        QC854 .E523 1996 Science Reference
        Article on El Niño, La Niña, and the Southern Oscillation is available in volume 1, pages 273-277.
      • Encyclopedia of Global Change: Environmental Change and Human Society. Oxford University Press, 2002.
        GE149 .E47 2002 Science Reference
        Article on El Niño is available in volume 1, pages 340-345. A brief description of El Niño, its impacts on global regions, and prediction abilities. Includes a short bibliography of print and web resources.
      • Nova Online: Tracking El Nino
        A 1998 production of Boston's PBS station, WGBH.
    • Other Internet Resources
      • El Niño and La Niña Resources on the Internet
        Produced by Florida State University's Center for Ocean-Atmosphere Prediction Studies (COAPS) Library, this site provides bibiliographies, technical and research articles, movies, animation, books, dissertations, and a myriad of news items on El Niño. This site appears not to have been updated since 1998 but is still useful for identifying material prior to that date.
      • El Niño/La Niña Resource Page
        Includes a section specific to California information. Page maintained by the Golden Gate Weather Service.
      • USGS News and Information on El Niño
        This United States Geological Survey site offers text, graphics and pictures on landslides, floods, mudslides, coastal hazards, climate, news releases, and more.
  • Encyclopedias
    • Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather
      QC854 .E523 1996 Science Reference
  • Global Warming
    • Climate Change -- Methane and Other Greenhouse Gases
      This EPA web site is packed with information, reports, a bibliography, and links to an extensive array of web sites on the subject. Use the links in the left column to navigate through the site.
    • EPA: Global Warming
      This EPA site is also an excellent source with news, a greeenhouse gas inventory, a bibliography, and loads of links to related sites.
    • Global Warming and Climate Change WWW Sites
      Probably the best, this NASA site provides over 50 links to web sites, the Climate Action Network, World Climate Reports, the EPA Global Warming Page, and much, much more.
    • US Global Change Research Information Office
      "GCRIO acts as a clearinghouse for selected key documents and reports that are either generated or sponsored by the US Government or by specific Federal Agencies. Links to other relevant documents and bibliographic systems are also maintained. GCRIO can respond to requests for copies of these documents either directly or indirectly by forwarding the request or the user to the proper Government/Agency contact. Selected documents are available on-line in their entirety (see library)."
  • Handbooks
    • Smithsonian Meteorolgical Tables
      QC873 .S6 1951 Science Reference
      Tables for unit conversions, wind (barometric, vapor), pressure, altitude, thermodynamics, properties of air and water, radiation (solar) and visibility.
  • Meta-Web Sites
    • Interactive Weather Information Network (NOAA/NWS)
      Contains local, national and world weather plus US weather warnings, summaries for travelers, floods, and crops, UV index, temperature and precipitation tables, reports for earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tropical storms and weather videos.
    • Weather Channel U.S. information only. Includes 10-day forecasts and current doppler radar for major cities; airport delays for the 35 busiest airports; skier forecasts, and aviation report. The section Weather and You - Health and Safety has information about wind chill, and safety tips for lightning, tornados, thunderstorms, flash floods and hurricanes.
  • Storms
  • Weather Forecasts
    • CNN: Weather
      Current temperature, plus forecast for current day plus four days; includes links to complete current conditions plus forecast, temperature, satellite and radar maps for U.S. 54 Arizona cities or locations covered. Also has international data.
    • Interactive Weather Information Network (NOAA/NWS)
      Information includes: hourly report, forecasts for the state, local, zone, and short term; also includes weather summary, radarand satellite maps, climatic data, special weather information, and watches, warnings and advisories. Covers U.S. and approximately 20 Arizona cities or locations.
    • Weather Channel
      Complete current conditions plus radar map and 10 day forecast. U.S. only.






See also: Geomorphology/Physical Geography , Latitude/Longitude

Geological Society of America (GSA)

Geology (not listed elsewhere)

Assignment Guides | Dictionaries | Meta-Web Sites


  • Dictionaries
    • Glossary of Geology. 4th ed. Falls Church, VA: American Geological Institute, 1997.
      QE 5 .G37 1987 Science Reference (shelved behind Reference Desk)
      Also referred to as "Bates" the earlier editor of the work; Jackson is the current editor.
    • Geologic Glossary. (Geologylink)
    • Geology Glossary (Illinois Geological Survey)
    • Many other titles in call number area: QE5 in Science Reference and 3rd floor
  • Meta-Web Sites

Geomorphology/Physical Geography

See also: Geography

  • WILSIM (Web-based Interactive Landform Simulation Model)

Latitude and Longitude

To find latitude and longitude for geographic places:

Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Assignment Guides | Databases | GIS | Meta-Web Sites

Minerals and Gems

Arizona | Dictionaries | Econ & Stats | Meta-Web Sites | Properties | Photo Galleries

  • Arizona
    • Mineralogical Society of Arizona
      "Arizona Minerals" includes a technical description, photos, and a table of mine sites where each mineral has been found. "Arizona Mines" includes both an alphabetical and geographical tour of many Arizona mines; each mine locality has a description and a link to the minerals that were found there.
    • Mineralogy of Arizona 3rd ed.
      QE375.5 .A6M56 1995 Science Reference
      Includes the history of Arizona mining and mineralogy, notable Arizona mineral deposits, and a catalog of Arizona mineral occurrences.
  • Dictionaries
  • Economics and Statistics

Search the following resources for information on Dana and Strunz classifications, name derivations, chemical formula and composition, varieties, occurrence/association/distribution, crystallography (system, point group, space group, lattice constants, cell dimensions, x-ray powder diffraction data), physical properties (hardness, streak, luster, cleavage, fracture, color), optical properties (refractive index, reflectance)

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Natural Hazards

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