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Border Studies (U.S. - Mexico)

This web page directs you to information resources on issues related to the U.S. Mexico border.

News Articles

Nexis Uni
Full text of over 5,000 newspapers, trade publications, legal periodicals, professional journals and news transcripts.

AltPress Watch
(1970+) Full text database of selected independent newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative press. Provides an alternative to mainstream media perspectives on local, national, and international issues.

Access World News
Access World News from NewsBank provides full-text information and perspectives from over 600 U.S. and over 500 international sources, each with its own distinctive focus offering diverse viewpoints on local, regional and world issues.

Human Rights Watch (web site)
Human Rights Watch researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world and provides extensive coverage in local and international media.

NewsBank Newsfile
(1991+) Provides fulltext access to selected articles from over 500 U. S. and Canadian newspapers, wire services, and broadcast news transcripts.

Google News
Use this service to set up an alert to receive e-mails with links to news articles on your topic.

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Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
(1975+) Covers a wide range of academic subjects including criminal justice. Features full text for selected journals, abstracts and indexing for over 3,600 scholarly journals, and coverage of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor.

Google Scholar

Sources for Comprehensive Searching in the Social Sciences

CSA Illumina
Use this CSA link to search Criminal Justice Abstracts, Criminology, Social Services, Sociological Abstracts, PsycINFO and other social sciences databases all at the same time.

Option 1: Click on Subject Area and choose Social Sciences
Option 2: Click on Specific Databases and make your own choices


Discipline/Database Specific Searching

Anthrosource indexes current issues for eleven of the American Anthropological Association's most critical peer-reviewed publications.

Criminal Justice Abstracts (CSA)
(1968+) Covers major journals in criminology and related disciplines, extensive coverage of books, access to reports from government and nongovernmental agencies. Includes informative summary of the findings, methodology, and conclusions is provided.

Criminology (A Sage Full-Text Collection) (CSA)
(1976+) includes the full-text of 23 journals published by SAGE and participating societies. Covers such subjects as Criminal Justice, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile Justice, Corrections, Penology, Policing, Forensic Psychology, and Family and Domestic Violence.

(1887+) Includes PsycLIT. Indexes literature in psychology & related disciplines (sociology, linguistics, education, medicine, law, physiology, business, psychiatry, & anthropology). Covers journals, books, chapters, dissertations & technical reports.

Psychology (A SAGE Full-text Collection) (CSA)
(1969+) includes the full text of 35 journals published by SAGE and participating societies. Covers such subjects as Applied Psychology, Assessment, Child Development, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Family Studies, Group Work, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Language Acquisition, Latin American Studies, Learning Disabilities, Measurement, Neuropsychology, Personality, Philosophical Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychology of Diversity, School Psychology, Social Psychology, and Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.

Social Services Abstracts (CSA)
(1980+) Bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. The database abstracts and indexes over 1,500 serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles and dissertations, and citations to book reviews.

Sociological Abstracts (CSA)
(1963+) Covers theoretical & applied sociology, social science, & policy science. Includes sociological aspects of anthropology, gender studies, gerontology, family studies, health, racial interactions, social psychology, social work, urban studies, etc.

Worldwide Political Sciences Abstracts (CSA)
Provides Information and research within the political science discipline and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration/policy.



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