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Buddhist Studies

Webcasts, Images and Videos


Borobudur. Over 1200 photographs and 2 videos of the the Borobudur complex in Indonesia.




Buddhism and Warfare: A Note on Mahavamsa 25, 110. A part of Buddhist Studies at UC Berkeley Webcasts. Lecturer Padmanabh S. Jaini.

Dharma River: Journey into Buddhism In Buddhism the journey is also the destination as viewers will learn in this tour of Southeast Asia's Buddhist temples and rivers. Featured are Thailand, Laos and Burma.

How can the study of Theravada Buddhism define its subject? (53:31 mins.) Lecture by Dr. Juliane Schober of ASU.


Online Resources Presenting Theravada Buddhism in its pristine form. Translations of the Tipitaka, teachings, and articles on Theravada Buddhism and cultural aspects.

Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism. Provides translations of the Pali canon and other pertinent materials including texts from the Thai forest tradition. Theravada Online Buddhist Directory

Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval from Mahidol University Thailand.

Theravada Buddhist Civilization from the Theravada Studies Group.

Recent Titles of Interest

How to behave: Buddhism and modernity in colonial Cambodia, 1860-1930/ Anne Ruth Hansen, 2007. Hayden: BQ 464 H36 2007

People of virtue: reconfiguring religion, power and moral order in Cambodia today/ ALexandra Kent and David Chandler, editors, 2008. Hayden: BQ 466 .P46 2008

Buddhism: Theravada Buddhism; Mary Jo Meadow. From Worldmark Encyclopedia of Relgious Practices. Ed. Thomas Riggs. Vol. 1: Religions and Denominations. Detroit: Gale, 2006. p83-92. Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gathering leaves and lifting words: histories of Buddhist monastic education in Laos and Thailand/ Justin Thomas McDaniel. 2008; Hayden: BQ162 .L28 M33 2008

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