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Key research resources to support Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and Communication Studies on ASU's West campus

Using Google Scholar

IF you choose to use Google Scholar for your research, be certain to access it through the ASU Library authenicated link:  Google Scholar.

This access point will enable your authenticated access to the thousands of scholarly journals licensed by ASU Library to support your research.  Using other access points for Google Scholar will still identify articles, but will not permit you to view them.

ASU's authenticated access through Google Scholar also permits you to seamlessly export Google Scholar citations to your RefWorks account.


To export Google Scholar citations into RefWorks:

  • From Google Scholar, select "Scholar Preferences"
  • At bottom of page, set Bibliography Manager to "RefWorks"


Key Journal Indexes for Communication

Communication affects every discipline.  So you will find communications related articles in many different subject area databases.

The most important databases for the field of Communication Studies available at Arizona State University are:

Additional Subject Indexes for Communication

Other indexes provide access to content related to the area of Communication Studies.  Key subject indexes related to Communication Studies include:

Still MORE Indexes

Since communications touches every discipline you may find searching in an index or database directly related to another field useful.  For example:  Business databases for consumerism; Women's studies/Gender databases for sexism in language, or Health databases for doctor/patient communication.

Access ALL of the hundreds of indexes and databases available at Arizona State University here.  A pull-down menu option helps you select databases by broad subject area.

Top Resources

Subject Specific Databases

Communication and Mass Media Complete provides comprehensive indexing to the key journals for all aspects of communications studies.  Other databases and indexes organized by more than 150 subjects.



Displays with search results in ASU Library databases. Click it to be shown where and how you can connect directly to articles electronically, or locate print the articles in print in ASU Library.


This online tool not only helps manage information resources used in research, it also customizes citations, footnotes, and bibliographies in papers prepared using Microsoft Word.


Document Delivery

Have materials in other ASU Library locations, including books and videos, delivered to your campus library. Many journal articles are available for electronic delivery.

Research Assistance

Online or in person, contact a subject librarian  for assistance with the selection and strategic use of library and web resources best suited to your research project.

Hours and Locations