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Streaming Video: Pay-Per-View

Provides descriptions and links to licensed, internet, and pay-per-view streaming video resources

Can I Stream It?

Connect to Can I Stream It?

This free service created by Urban Pixels provides a simple interface to search across popluar streaming services to find where a film is available.

The site covers both movies and television and indexes Netflix, Amazon, HuluPlus and others.

Results show whether a title is available for instant viewing, rental, or purchase, or available on DVD to service subscribers  (Netflix).

Some titles are also available on Snag Films or other free sites, but this availability may not be displayed.

New Day Digital

Connect to New Day Digital

New Day Films, a member-owned distribution cooperative offering quality, compelling social issue films provides streaming access to nearly 90 documentary films.

The company’s use of pay-per-view streaming is unique among leading educational media distributors.

Individual use of a title for 90 days costs about $5.

New Day Digital’s Terms of Service prohibit showing the films in a classroom or to groups when the individual students or members have not acquired individual licenses and also prohibits sharing of individual On Demand login information.

Using New Day Digital requires setting up a customer account on the site including registering credit card information for making payments.

Amazon Video On Demand

Connect to Amazon Instant Video

Amazon’s Instant Video service provides access to more than 45,000 titles, on a pay-per-view basis.  Most of the titles offered are feature films or TV shows, but documentaries and other forms are also available.

Rental prices differ per title, but generally fall in the $3-$4 range. 

Once payment is completed streaming can begin immediately.  Streaming can also be delayed for later viewing.  License terms for each video specify the time-frame for viewing  (for example: a viewing window of 48 hours, within an overall span of 30 days).

Using Amazon’s Video On Demand requires setting up a user account with Amazon, including credit card information for making payments.


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