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KIN 294: Introduction to Evidence Based Practice: Need the full-text article?

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Learn to identify citation elements

When you are required to read the full-text of an article that is cited in your assignment, you will be given specific details that are unique to that one article. These details comprise the article "citation".  It can be called an article citation, journal citation, bibliographic citation, bibliographic reference, or a reference.

Learn to identify citation elements in order to access electronic or print copies of your desired article, or to request an Interlibrary Loan. 

A sample article citation follows.

Hussain, A., Claussen, B., Ramachandran A., & Williams, R. (2007). Prevention of type 2 diabetes: a review.  Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 76(3): 317-26.

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Hussain, A

Article title              

Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: a review

Journal title            

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice









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Need the full-text article?

When you are required to read the full-text of an article that is cited in your assignment, learn to how to find it. You will access the full-text either online through the ASU Library's site, in print at a specific library, or from the libraries' Interlibrary Loan service. 

 Using GetIt@ASU For Locating Full Text Articles (2:30) -  Quiz



Steps to assess the full-text article cited in your assignment.  

 Go to http://lib.asu.edu/

 Above the Library One Search box,  click tab Journal .

 Check for electronic access first. At Electronic Journals, enter the journal title, click Find Journal.

 Enter the following journal title to practice finding the full-text of an article. 

Colberg, S. R. (2007). Physical activity, insulin action, and diabetes prevention and control. Current Diabetes Reviews, 3 (3), 176-184.

If records appear, check for any electronic collections covering your desired years, select it, click on the PDF, or you may have to follow a path to the PDF by selecting your citation elements, usually the year, then volume and finally, pages.

If no electronic records appear, go back and enter your journal title at Print Journal, click Find Journal. If available in print, the online catalog displays the specific library and its call number; jot it down so that you can pull the journal from the shelf and photocopy it using your SUNCARD.    IMPORTANT: If the ASU library location displayed (i.e. Polytechnic) is not your affliated ASU campus (i.e. Tempe), you can request the journal article through your Interlibrary Loan account.

If ASU provides no electronic or print access to your desired article, you may request the full-text article by entering the citation elements into the electronic request via your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) account. After submitting an article request, you will commonly receive an email and link to your requested electroinic article in 1-3 days.  Speed up arrival of your electronic journal article by entering its ISSN number into the ILL form. Find ISSN at PubMed., publishers' sites, or Google.

No Interlibrary Loan account? Sign up for account, click First Time Users.    



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Article Citation |


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The effects of Tai Chi on fall prevention, fear of falling and balance in older people: a meta-analysis.

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