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IAS 300-Adult Career Development: Finding Articles About Careers

A guide for finding information about careers.
Subjects: General

Library One Search

Library One Search is the "Google" search interface for most of the ASU Library online indexes and databases.  Searching it will retrieve books, journal and magazine articles, newspaper articles, and more.  

A sample suggested search:

"forensic psychology" and (career or occupation or job) 

  • the quotation marks around "substance abuse" searches for that EXACT phrase
  • the parentheses around (career or job) tell the search interface to complete the OR function first
    • OR finds all documents that contain EITHER word
  • the AND functions are done next, after the OR
    • AND finds all documents that contain all three word and phrase combinations

Use this search structure as your template!

Sometimes just the title of the occupation is enough, e.g.: "substance abuse counselor"

Next:  Focus Your Search

  • REFINE YOUR SEARCH in the left column
  • PUBLICATION DATE:  limit to last five years
  • CONTENT TYPE:  open up complete list by selecting "More..."  Then select:
    • Journal Article
    • Magazine Article
    • Trade Publication Article

These will give you the most useful sources for your assignment.  

Library One Search  

Find most ASU Libraries' books, articles from newspapers, journals, magazines and more – with just one search!

Finding Articles in Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
This multi-disciplinary database provides full-text to approximately 2,000 of the 4,000 periodicals it indexes. Includes indexing of nearly 1,500 peer-reviewed journals.
As with all library article indexes, you will produce more relevant results if you identify the database's subject terms or descriptors. Relevant subject terms include: Career Development, Employment, Occupations, Occupational Choice, Professions, Training of, Vocational guidance and Work.
Sample Search
Entering the name of your chosen career and "occupation*" as a SU=Subject Heading is a good starting search.  For example, enter:

Locating Trade Journals

Once you have entered a search and have your results, look to the tools column on the left for "Source Types" and check the box "Trade Publications."  

BE AWARE!  As this example shows, there are only two true Trade Journals (Publications) in this search!  There are lots of valuable resources in the first unrestricted searches.  It is often a good idea to include "Magazines" as a Source Type.  


Finding Articles in ABI/INFORM Complete


"ABI/INFORM" is primarily a business database and index, but it contains a wealth of Trade Journals and is a great source for articles on almost any career imaginable.  

Like "Academic Search Premier," "ABI/INFORM" also uses "occupations" as a key subject term for career information.  Combine your career choice with "occupations" using the connector "and."  Other subject terms to try are Career, 

Locating Trade Journals

Just as with "Academic Search Premier" look to the left column for the "Narrow Results by" box and limit your search to "Trade Journals."  

As you can see, there are more trade journals in "ABI/INFORM." 

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