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Child Drama: Top Reference Books

Top Reference Books

ASU Online : “Preliminary Checklist of Children’s Plays in English Printed Between 1856-1919”, by Jonathan Levy.

SWOPX-6 : Children and Drama, edited by Nellie McCaslin, foreword by Nancy Swortzell with essays on creative drama, classroom drama and integrated arts education.

CT-80 : Children’s Theatre and Creative Dramatics, edited by Geraldine Brain Siks and Hazel Brain Dunnington.

CT-162 : Children’s Theatre: A Philosophy and a Method, by Moses Goldberg.

CT-44 : Children’s Theatre: Play Production for the Child Audience, by Jed H. David and Mary Jane Larson Watkins (Evans) with Roger M. Busfield, Jr.

CT-67 : A Directory of Children’s Theatres in the United States (1968), compiled and edited by Jed H. Davis assisted by Sally Six Hersh.

CT-125 : A Directory of Children’s Theatres in the United States (1980), compiled and edited by Gayle Cornelison, assisted by Pam Cornelison.

CT-1077 : Dramatic Literature for Children: A Century in Review, edited with introduction and essays by Roger L. Bedard and a "Bibliography of Anthologies of Plays for Young Audiences", 1700s-2000 by Katherine Krzys.

CT-368 : The Gymnasium of the Imagination: A Collection of Children's Plays in English 1780-1860, compiled by Jonathan Levy.

CT-191 : The Happy Island: Images of Childhood in the Eighteenth-Century French Théâtre d’Education, By James Herbert David Jr.

CT-186 : Historical Guide to Children's Theatre in America, by Nellie McCaslin, with a foreword by Jed H. Davis.

CT-65 : How to Produce Children’s Plays, by Constance D’Arcy Mackay.

CT-286 : International Guide to Children's Theatre and Educational Theatre: A Historical and Geographical Source Book, edited by Lowell Swortzell.

CTT-1947GR : An Introductory Study of Evaluation of Plays for Children’s Theatre in the United States, by Kenneth L. Graham.

LEV-465 : “Preliminary Checklist of Early Printed Children’s Plays in English, 1780-1855”, by Jonathan Levy and Martha Mahard.

CT-313 : Six Plays for Young People From the Federal Theatre Project (1936-1939): An Introductory Analysis and Six Representative Plays, edited by Lowell Swortzell.

CT-187 : Spotlight on the Child: Studies in the History of American Children's Theatre, edited by Roger L. Bedard and C. John Tolch.

CTP-715 : A Theatre of the Imagination: Reflections on Children and the Theatre, by Jonathan Levy.

CT-357 : Theatre, Children and Youth, Jed H. Davis and Mary Jane Evans.

CT-533 : Theatre, Children and Youth (Revised Edition), by Jed H. Davis and Mary Jane Evans.

CT-152 : Theatre for Children (1939), by Winifred Ward.

CT-19 : Theatre for Children (1950), by Winifred Ward.

CT-292 : Theatre for Children in the United States: A History, by Nellie McCaslin.

CT-161 : Theatre for Young Audiences: Principles and Strategies for the Future: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Honor of Dr. Jed H. Davis, compiled by Jeanne Klein.

CT-281 : Theatre for Young Audiences, by Nellie McCaslin.

CT-407 : Theatre for Young People: A Sense of Occasion, by Helane S. Rosenberg and Christine Prendergast.

CTT-1969VA : Theory and Practice in Theatre for Children: An Annotated Bibliography of Comment in English Circulated in the United States from 1900 through 1968, by Wesley Harvey Van Tassel.

CT-39 : Twenty-One Years with Children’s Theatre, Charlotte B. Chorpenning.

CT-2207 : TYA: Essays on the Theatre for Young Audiences, by Moses Goldberg.

SWO-210 : World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, Volume 2: Americas with sections for Puppet Theatre and Theatre for Young Audiences for most countries.

CTT-1971KL : Writings in Creative Dramatics Concerned with Children of Elementary School Age (Pre-school through Sixth Grade): An Annotated Bibliography from 1890 through 1970, by Mary Eileen Klock.

Anthologies in Theatre for Young Audiences

LEV-265 : A Treasury of Plays for Children, by Montrose K. Moses.

CT-131 & CURR : Plays Children Love: A Treasury of Contemporary and Classic Plays for Children, edited by Coleman A. Jennings and Aurand Harris.

CT-241 & CURR : Kids Plays.

CT-320 & CURR : Twenty Plays for Young People, a Collection of Plays for Children, selection and foreward by William B. Birner.

CT-333 : Playhouse: Six Fantasy Plays for Children, edited by Joyce Doolittle.

CT-338 : Eight Plays for Young People: Prairie Performance II, edited by Joyce Doolittle.

CT-344 & CURR : Contemporary Children's Theater, edited by Betty Jean Lifton.

CT-373 & CURR : Five Plays From the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis, edited by John Clark Donahue and Linda Walsh Jenkins.

CT-379 : Another Treasury of Plays for Children, edited by Montrose J. Moses.

CT-443 & CURR : Theatre for Youth: Twelve Plays with Mature Themes, edited by Coleman A. Jennings and Gretta Berghammer.

CT-471 & CURR : Wish in One Hand, Spit in the Other: A Collection of Plays, by Suzan Zeder.

CT-583 & WEST : Eight Plays for Children: The New Generation Play Project, edited by Coleman A. Jennings.

CT-619 & CURR : All the World's a Stage; Modern Plays for Young People, edited by Lowell Swortzell.

CT-627 vol. 1 and 2 : The Seattle Children's Theatre: Six Plays for Young Audiences, edited by Marisa Smith.


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