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Child Drama: Award Winning Plays

Award Winning Plays

Plays Recommended for Pre-K and Elementary Age Levels

CT-1492 : Amber Waves (two-act version), by James Still

CTP-99 : Becca; a Musical, by Wendy Kesselman

LEVP-50 : The Chicago Gypsies; a full length play, by Virginia Glasgow Koste

CTP-2636 : Eggs, by Y York, based on the novel by Jerry Spinelli

CTP-1109 : The Forgiving Harvest; a play in two acts, by Y York 

CTP-2576 : Jesse and Grace; A Best Friend's Story, by Sandra Fenichel Asher

CTP-1112 : In the Garden of the Selfish Giant, by Sandra Fenichel Asher

CTP-366 : Monkey Magic; Chinese Story Theatre, by Aurand Harris

CTP-385 The Pinballs, a dramatization by Aurand Harris of the book by Betsy Byars

CTP-550 : The Prince and the Pauper, by Aurand Harris

CTP-1942 : Salt and Pepper; a full length play, by Jose Cruz Gonzalez

CTP-2104 : Still Life with Iris; a play, by Steven Dietz

CTP-371 : The Voyage of the "Dragonfly", by Max Bush

CTP-717 : Wolf Child; the Correction of Joseph, by Edward Mast

CTP-666 : A Woman Called Truth; a play in two acts celebrating the life of Sojourner Truth, by Sandra Fenichel Asher

CTP-584The Yellow Boat, by David Saar

CTP-1123The Yellow Boat, by David Saar, authorized shortened version for performance in competitions

CTP-766The Yellow Boat, by David Saar, touring version


Plays Recommended for Middle and Secondary Age Levels

CT-609 : And Then They Came for Me; Remembering the World of Anne Frank, by James Still

CTP-2504 : Angel in the Night; a play, by Joanna Halpert Kraus

SWO-1618 : Belongings; a play in two acts, by Daniel Fenton

CTP-2531 : Brave No World; Community, Identity, Stand-Up Comedy, by Laurie Brooks

CTP-2363 : Bud, Not Buddy, by Reginald Andre Jackson, adapted from the novel by Christopher Paul Curtis

CTP-1108 : Eric and Elliot; a play, by Dwayne Hartford

CTP-2539 : The Giver; a play, by Eric Coble, based on the book by Lois Lowry

CTP-1047 : In the Middle of Grand Central Station; drama, by Nancy Pahl Gilsenan

CTP-526 John Knowles' A Separate Peaceadapted by Nancy Pahl Gilsenan

CTP-220Jungalbook, by Edward Mast, adapted from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Books

CTP-2540 : The K of D; an urban legend, by Laura Schellhardt

CTP-2310 : Kara in Black; a play, by Max Bush

CT-1447La Ofrenda (The Offering), by José Casas 

SWO-1623 : The Less than Human Club, by Timothy Mason

CTP-534 : The Man-Child, by Arnold Rabin

CTP-1018 : The Music Lesson, by Tammy Ryan

812 C682no : North Star; a drama in two acts, by Gloria Bond Clunie

CTP-982 : Paper Lanterns, Paper Cranes; a play, by Brian Kral

812 J726sc : Scars and Stripes, by Thomas Cadwaleder Jones

CTP-2553 : The Secret Garden; a play with music, based upon the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, adapted for the stage by Pam Sterling, original music by Chris Limber

CTP-582 : Selkie, by Laurie Brooks

CTP-2541 : Somebody's Children, by Jose Casas

CTP-524 : Song for the Navigator; a play, Michael Cowell

CT-503 : T-Money and Wolf; a play in one act, by Kevin Willmott and Ric Averill

CTP-827 : The Taste of Sunrise, by Suzan Zeder

CTP-2607 : Teaching Disco Square Dancing to Our Elders; A Class Presentation, by Larissa FastHorse, original music by Brian Joseph

CTP-414 : This is Not a Pipe Dream, by Barry Kornhauser

CTP-862The Wrestling Season; a play, by Laurie Brooks


Play Anthologies

CT-1945 : Nine Plays by José Cruz González: Magical Realism and Mature Themes in Theatre for Young Audiences, edited by Coleman Jennings

CT-1512The Theatre of Aurand Harris; America's Most Produced Playwright for Young Audiences, his career, his theories, his plays, by Lowell Swortzell



CTP-2252 : Afternoon of the Elves; a play, by Y York, from the book by Janet Taylor Lisle 

CTP-967 : Ezigbo, the Spirit Child; an Igbo story as told by Adaora Nzelibe Schmeidl, dramatized for the stage by Max Bush

CTP-2269 : Journey of the Sparrows; a full length play, by Meryl Friedman, adapted from the novel by Jan Leeper Buss

CTP-581 : A Life in the Woods, the Story of Bambi, by Felix Salten, adapted for the stage by James DeVita

CTP-405 : My Days as a Youngling, John Jacob Niles: The Early Years, A Musical, adapted for the stage and scripted by Nancy Niles Sexton, Vaughan McBride, Martha Harrison Jones; Songs by John Niles 

CTP-22 : Nightingale; a participatory play for children, adapted from Hans Christian Andersen's story by John Urquhart and Rita Grossberg, and Yellow Brick Road Shows

CTP-2343The Rememberer, based on As My Sun Now Sets by Joyce Simmons Cheeka as told to Werdna Phillips Finley, by Steven Dietz

CTP-1043Sarah, Plain and Tall; a play in two acts, based on the book by Patricia McLachlan, adapted by Joseph Robinette

CTP-906 A Village Fable, by James Still, a play adaptations of In the Suicide Mountains by John Gardiner, music by Michael Keck


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