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Psychology Online: PSY 500, Research Methods (Dr. Weston)

This guide has specifically been developed to support the Online Psychology program in the New College of Arizona State University.

From Research Question to Online Search

Searching ASU Library online databases requires search strategies and techniques that are very different from searching a web search engine like Google.  

Library Databases:

  • Cannot manage questions as a search;
  • Cannot process full sentences or phrases; 
  • Work most effectively using carefully selected Keywords; 
  • Employ "Search Connectors" to link Keywords and tell the search interface how to process the search.


Online Tutorials

Prepare yourself for more effective and efficient searches by viewing these tutorials first.  


Online Search Tips

As You Search...

  1. Start with a search that uses only the most relevant keywords needed to describe your topic;
  2. Spend time carefully reviewing the citations you receive;
  3. BE FLEXIBLE!  Be ready and willing to adjust your search using different search terms or changing your focus depending on what you find;
  4. Let what you find in your searches help guide you:
    • Pay attention to research trends concerning your topic;
    • ALWAYS look at the Subject Headings/Descriptors/Keywords given to relevant articles in the citation records;
      • Can lead to new search terms or ideas to focus your research question;
      • Your search itself will be more focused and relevant.



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