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IDS Organizational Studies

Guide to research resources for the IDS Organizational Studies program

Common Acronyms

COP Community of practice
CQ     Cultural intelligence
CRM  Customer relationship management
CSR Corporate social responsibility
EI Emotional intelligence
HRM Human Resource Management
MNE  Multinational enterprise
O/I  Operations intelligence
SMB or SME Small and medium businesses (or enterprises)
SWOT Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
TNC Transnational corporation
TQM Total quality management
VRIO Value, rarity, imitability and organization

Definitions and Background Information

These sources can explain concepts and terms in this area of study and provide background information on their historical development, the various schools of thought, key theories and important contributors.

  1. 12 Manage Management Dictionary

    Covers management theories, models and authors in an alphabetic listing as well as a listing grouped into twelve method categories such as "Change & Organization" or "Leadership."
  2. Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Organizational Behavior
    Book: HD30.15 .B445x 1997 Hayden Stacks
  3. Management Methods, Models, and Theories
  4. Sage Handbook of Organizational Behavior
    Book: HD58.7 .S233 2009 Hayden Stacks
  5. Sage Knowledge
    Database (ASU access only):

    Provides access to a collection of encyclopedias and handbooks published by Sage including these titles useful for Organizational Studies:

    --Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (also print copy)
    --Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology (also print copy)
    --Encyclopedia of Leadership (also print copy)
    --International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies
    --Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse (also print copy)

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