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IDS Organizational Studies

Guide to research resources for the IDS Organizational Studies program


The ASU Library will have some of the case studies that are published in books and articles each year. These can be found by using the online catalog and article databases as shown in the sections below. There are also some free websites offering small collections of case studies.

However, the case studies produced as individual booklets, such as the Harvard Business School cases, would have to be purchased online directly from the source since these institutions do not sell their case studies to libraries. Fees tend to be very reasonable, so this is a viable alternative as long as the number of cases needed are few.

For instructions on finding case studies through these different avenues, click on the link to the appropriate category below:

Find Case Studies in Books

Search the ASU Library online catalog by entering CASE STUDIES and a company name or a topic as a keyword search.


TIP: Some books of collected case studies may cover so many companies that the catalog record does not list the companies individually. For those books, it is only possible to search by keyword for a topic that would cover the type of information needed (such as, Case Studies and Crisis Management) and then physically check the books found to see which companies are included.

Find Case Studies in Articles

Search these business databases for case studies published in journals and other serials.



  1. Go to the "Advanced Search." 
  2. Type a company name or topic in the first search box. 
  3. Scroll down to the Document Type menu and check mark both BUSINESS CASES and CASE STUDIES to get documents that are formal case studies.

    (OR type CASE STUDIES in the second search box and select Subject from the drop-down menu to get more informal summaries of practical applications.)
  4. If searching case studies as a Document type, check mark the “Limit to: Full text” box.
  5. Click the search button to pull up the results.


Business Insights: Global


  1. Click on Case Studies in the navigation bar.
  2. Type a company name or topic in the "Search Within Results" box and click the search icon.
  3. Refine the results by any of the options on the far left, such as: publication date, related subject, or publication title.
  4. Alternatively, the search can be done going to the Advanced Search (link found under the Search button on main page) and selecting Case Studies as the content type and filling in the other boxes and selections as appropriate.

Free Websites

Search these sites for cases on your company or topic:

Purchase Case Studies

To purchase case studies designed for class instruction, go to one of the case study sites below and search it for anything on your company or topic:

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